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  1. Beam147 you keep the cards you collect. I did my first play through and concentrated on getting survivors and leveling up. I would recommend trying to hit the posters as well - I got that after I finished leveling up and it was a pretty good amount of points. I used a separate play through for the weapons, combo card creations, and visiting the stores. Did a sep run through for the clothing (probably didn't need to). Splurge and get the ninja suit - it will make your life a lot easier - I didn't use it until well after I had gotten most everything done. Use the guide on this page for the 72K kills. I spent too much time driving above at the arena and ended up behind until about 50K. When I stopped going up there I was able to catch up and hit 72K with 3 - 4 in game hours left. I did stop in the middle to save after about 1K each time. It took a lot more effort but I broke it up into a couple of days.
  2. I know this should be easy but I could not get the ambush to trigger. I check other forums and could not find the answer. Finally found a video that showed my issue. There are 4 crosses - the three obvious ones where you are directed and a forth on the hill above. I didn't see the fourth. I did find the half buried guy to the right of the cemetery but the ambush triggered after the 4th cross. I hope that helps others. Sending this one back to gamefly and for the record it is not the worst game I have ever played. Easy 1000 and worth the play. Just follow the guide and don't kill the blue people.
  3. Hey all, I am looking for a boosting partner for the online achievements for this game. Hit me up if you need them. I have it from gamefly and have finished all but the Insane ach. GT: Jedi ObiJoe
  4. OK all here is the deal; this game is glitched...bad. The update that was sent out locks the access to the bunker. You will have two options to get into the bunker: 1. Delete the update and restart your game. Play offline until you access the DLC. Save at any point after you enter the bunker, log back into live and accept the update. 2. Delete the update and reload a save (if you have one) from before the update. With the update you will not be able to access the DLC. Without the update you will get stuck at the fountain and Elijah will keep yelling at you telling you to get all three people there. I tried three different restarts without the update. The first one I ended up having Dog follow me for the other two. I could not get him to stop following me because it would not give me the option to talk to him. Tried switching back and forth between his alter egos and it still wouldn't work. Reloaded the save before I entered the DLC (still no update). Tried all three in the same order - the difference being I sent all three to the fountain without me and did not use their help. Same result - could not activate the fountain. Reloaded the save before again and picked the people in a different order still sending them to the fountain. Same issue. My final attempt before giving up I logged into live and accepted the update. I reloaded the save before I freed Dog. Since I had the save I was able to enter the DLC. I freed Dog and sent him to the fountain. Christine was already there, as I passed on the way to the final helper the two of them were having a conversation (interesting since she can't talk). That had not happened on any of the prior attempts. After collecting the third helper - I sent him to the fountain without me just in case. When I got back to the fountain I was able to trigger the next steps with no trouble. To be fair though I have not finished it yet. When I do I'll post if I find any other issues. If you do have to restart the game make sure you play offline and use the level up glitch at Helios One. Make sure you pick light step somewhere along the line. If you have the opportunity take the rad child one (the one that makes your radiation level decrease on its own - not a lot of rad away in the DLC and your rads go up pretty quick when you eat the food. After you hit level 30 start the DLC and save after you get into it. Quit to the main menu, go to live and download the update. Reload the save where you are in the DLC (I mean in the DLC after you are knocked out - I don't know that it will make a difference if you save after you enter but don't get to that point - I really wouldn't take the chance. When you start playing after you accept the update the level cap does increase (the update fixes that too) so you will start to get xp again and will continue to level up to 35 - higher if you have the other DLC on there as well. I hope that helps others. I checked multiple threads and sites and could not find a good answer. **Edit** The quest completed after I was able to get all three back to the fountain and progress through the dialogue with Elijah. Didn't pay any attention to it but the achievement never popped. I finished out the DLC and everything else worked as it was supposed to and the game still showed that I had not gotten the achievement. I deleted the DLC, cleared the system memory again, deleted the update and reloaded the save before the bunker. After I got into the bunker I logged back into live and continued the quest. I ran through pretty quick (having done it a few times I knew where to go). Dog first - sent to fountain, Christine second - sent to fountain, Dean last - as soon as I told him to head to the fountain the achievement popped. I like this game but I am pretty glad I am done. I also used the video and was able to escape with all 37 bars of gold. Really no need for them since I am done now. I didn't actually go back to the wasteland after getting the final achievements though. Again, I hope this helps others and this game is going on the shelf.
  5. Love it!! This game was painful to play. I pushed through and finished it late last night. I like what it tried to do but the controls were just so bad it overwhelmed anything good the game had left. I think the silence and lack of enemies helped with the fear factor of the game. The fire was pretty cool as well. The 3 rd person controls, aiming system (when you need it to shoot the Humanz), and the car controls destroyed this game. I'm done and will never have to play it again.
  6. I had similar issues - it gave me the message that the game was unable to save stats for my profile. That and the "you must download the most recent season of TH" happened when I moved my profile to a jump drive. Moving it back to the hard drive seems to have helped eliminate those issues.
  7. Hey all, I have checked online and can't seem to find any help. I have been playing this game for a while now and tried to play today to work on the Texas Heat hands and the game will not load. Not the Texas Heat - the whole game. I get a black screen then a notice saying a friend is playing then the system goes back to "My Games". Has anyone else had this problem? I tried to redownload the game and TH Fall 12 and it still won't work. I had been playing on a different box - just sent it in for repair. I move that hard drive to another box but it won't let me play. I'll try putting the original hard drive in the box to see if that helps but if anyone else has run into this please let me know. Thanks, Edit: I switched the hard drive back to the original with that box and the game loaded fine after an update. I'll play on this until later in the eve and I'll try to switch the hds again to see if I get the same problem.
  8. This is officially by far one of the worst games I have every played. I honestly can not see how so many people on this thread like it. The controls are terrible and the camera angles are worse. Driving a car is impossible and the taxi escape on Questions is stupid hard. I truly hope everyone involved in this lost their job. If I were a developer and someone put "I worked on Alone In The Dark" on their resume I would put it through the shredder and tell them they have no future in the industry. I have played some really bad games and apparently I am gonna have to look through the comments threads before I actually rent anymore. Games like this make me want to stop playing xbox all together. I am going to finish it - I'm just going to hate myself the entire time. *EDIT* *$&% For God's sake give me a %^$&*(^ checkpoint in the *$%(^*& driving scene!!!!!
  9. I noticed shrunken heads dropping during my first playthrough. I ended the game with somewhere close to 40 souls. There is a great recommendation using the Isla Cruse mission. It worked like a charm for me. It did take a while but I was watching football game so I wasn't really paying attention. I kept playing till the soul counter got to the high eighties - I accidentally killed the boss. Ended up having more than enough but I really didn't want to play this game anymore. As far as the missed items - I went back through and picked up a couple of the ones I missed. I had to collect them all during the second playthrough to make the ach pop. Good luck - I've played some bad games but this one is really high on my worst games ever list.
  10. The first game I ever realized that I would probably never finish (minus the EA server shut downs) is Afro Samurai. I got so mad at that game I turned off my box for three months. Went back to it and said **** it. Sent it back to gamefly. I may pick it up again but it will not be for a very long time.
  11. YES! YES! YES!!!!! Finally after all this time - I finally got this dam achievement!!! Hit 100K with it too - super sweet!!!
  12. I guess I'm going to finally have to do this one. My brother got me the game a year ago. I'm tired of looking at the low score. I'm gonna hit the campaign and try to make him play through with me. I do need all the online achs and am more than willing to boost them. If anyone is playing and needs another booster hit me up. GT: Jedi ObiJoe
  13. I tried you method and could not get it to work with the NXE update. It sent me back to the main menu when I changed to my gamertag. I used the method listed above from TrueAchievements.org and it worked. Thanks for posting this - I wish I could say it worked for me but it didn't. Hopefully it worked for others - if it did for others that is fantastic - you really helped. If it didn't try the TA version. Anything to get this ach out of the way! I honestly thought I was going to have to buy a pre NXE xbox off of ebay just to get this stupid achievement!
  14. Just got this one. It took several tries. Follow the other suggestions: run around the bottom, shoot at everything, melee when close and use the RB perk. Mine finally popped - I even had a couple more kills after the ach and before the air strike.
  15. I know this guide and the game are old but I wanted to say thanks for the walkthroughs. They were very well organized and detailed - thanks for your hard work. Made this game a nice and quick 1K.
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