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  1. I need TIR events also feel free to add me. I want to get this over with.
  2. Looking for all co op in this game. Please add me niteslasher 360.
  3. Need co op and online. Co op is only a few more cases. Add me im on a lot and want to end this game. Niteslaher 360.
  4. Same I need lets help each other out we can log in a guest account and help each other
  5. Add me to the list for the I got this achivement. Im also looking to do horde and beast on insane. I meed 2 ribbons to revive everyone in one wave and revive 3 people in beast. Also any achivement im missing.
  6. I had enough of this game looking to boost it since all I ever get is quiters when im winning or brain dead tag partners I been trying to do this little by little since feb. Please message or add me. Looking to boost this whenever im online. Thanks niteslasher 360
  7. This game makes me want to cry. I want my lightsworn deck so bac I need just one JD. I have really good cards for other decks TONS of them but never the ones I want! Maybe if you use the cards you wont get them?
  8. looking to do mostly anything im missing add me and ill get on the game whenever theres a boosting group kinda wana end this game now
  9. looking to finish this game out my friends no longer play it and are not achievement fiends as I am. Add me and lets get this started.
  10. looking to boost dead rising 2. Add me or message me
  11. faster would be the vending machine and Telekinesis but only one of you gets adam with the hackning. If you do the little sisters mode you can just hold the little sister and do Telekinesis over the vending machine. While the other hacks. This is done by having someone hack your vending machine while you telekinesis the bomb, just keep holding the bomb and the other person hacks. You have to be close to the machine so you can restock on adam and constantly pick up the bomb.
  12. We working on this now if someone wants to join the more the better
  13. Im not sure but mine was in the 1k It was in the last magic game not this one. It was with the elf deck I kept spawning elf's and buffing them up. I had sooooo many doing around like 40 damage each took a long time to have them all do the hits. If I had more cards in that deck I could have keep on, but I had to end it. It was awesome lol
  14. I wrote first can I win! lol imma enter
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