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  1. Ok. I get it now. the updated GS on my checklist is because auto tracking filled in achievements that I had earned on lists that I had added to the checklist. And since there are games I had not added to the checklist, that GS amount will be missing. I did notice that if there is a game in the checklist and you click on it, there is an option to disable the game on the checklist (upper right hand corner, but only on games with 0 GS). Would it be possible to add a similar button to add games to the checklist in the same spot? So I guess the checklist is now obsolete, except for I use it to find a certain game I have played to look at the achievement list and the guide if there is one; instead of using the search bar. Is there a better method of finding games, like maybe Played Games in alphabetical order? Also, the auto tracking has added Marvel's Avengers correctly, which I started yesterday, but still the other issue with Halo.
  2. I don't think it's random games or anything. The only games that I know that have been added to my checklist were ones I have played and gotten achievements in. That's supposed to happen, right, once the bugs have been worked out of the system? I can't say for sure that it isn't also any game I have played, even with no achievements unlocked.
  3. The checklist is the full list of games I have played or wanted to play. Where you had to add the game to the checklist in order to tick off the completed achievements. I would think of the other as the achievement list for the game. The issue I am referring to with Halo: MCC is the same as your Hitman 3. If you were to hit that link to my profile and click on Halo: MCC, it would show the correct GS at the top, but none of the achievements show unlocked. I do have both of the settings set to automatic. So, I went and looked. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle doesn't have an option to add to the checklist. I am going to assume that you have to have that set to Manual in order to add games to the checklist now.....? But that doesn't seem right, as I am pretty sure that several games were not added to my checklist by me, but are on there now; albeit with the same issue of not showing GS when looking at the checklist. So then maybe there is just an issue like you said that extends to adding to the checklist. I will look back next week and see if things are working better. Again, thank you so much for this feature!
  4. I would like to add how great that the auto tracking is. I kept up diligently with the manual entries for years and then slacked off (ending up about 40k GS behind), vowing I'd come back and get up to date again. Thank you all so much for the hard work to implement it. I have a couple issues that I don't know how rare they are. On my checklist, I have games (Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Halo: MCC, and The Survivalists are just 3 examples that I know of) that show 0 GS collected in the checklist list, but actual achievements listed when you click on them. However, on my Halo: MCC list, it shows the correct amount of achievements unlocked at the top in the game list, but none are showing completed as you scroll down through the list. My profile has the correct GS listed, minus a 10 pointer I unlocked tonight, but my checklist is missing about 21k GS at the top part. Also, the listing for my Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle isn't showing up in the checklist, however, it has the correct completed list. Again, thank you for this wonderful feature!
  5. fuelstaind

    Hi-Jinks help

    It's been awhile since you asked, but you don't get Hi-Jinx until you complete the Gilded Steam Ship and return to the train station.
  6. Just restarted this game. Hit me up. GT is fuelstaind
  7. For the Quite the Connoisseur achievement, the list has it at 10 gamerscore, but it actually 35 gamerscore.
  8. Sheldon calls you about a "Big Problem" or something like that. Go to the mission start point and start it. That gives you access to the wingsuit and the new Airship area.
  9. Since there is nothing in the 360 forum, I'll state this here. The first episode is $4.99 and the Season Pass is $19.99 for the other 4 episodes. So technically, the Season Pass more expensive than buying the episodes one at a time, assuming they are all $4.99. Granted it's only $.03, but I can't even see how they think this will go over well.
  10. I did the update last night and started up the game today just to see what had changed. When I got logged in, the Valorous achievement popped. Looking on here it says you have to "Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard score." But on my 360, is says "Earn Vanguard Rank 1."
  11. I am having a really bad time at this one. I have raced over 20 times and had times ranging from 3:18.604 to 3:05.287 and the chopper is always between 3 and 6 tenths ahead of me. Someone on my friends list had a time 5 seconds slower than my best time and beat it.
  12. Columbia's Finest does not come with the Season Pass. It says so in the description.
  13. I posted in the other guide as well, but with the update adding AI players, you can now get all achievements offline. The only one that requires the AI set to anything other than very easy is Final No. You must play with the AI set to normal, as lower difficulties won't play action cards like Just Say No. I started maybe 20 games and only finished 4 or 5. It took less than 5 hours. Boosting would be faster, but I could never find anyone to play against.
  14. I completely agree that boosting would be faster. I was never able to find anyone to play against. Even with the AI, I think I was able to get it done in less than 5 hours and probably less than 20 game starts. About half of them I didn't finish when I knew that I wasn't going to get the Final No, Business Master, or I Want Those Ones achievements. All the others I got in probably 3 or 4 games. But, it can be done by your self if need be.
  15. Since the update that they added AI to Play against, I can confirm that all the achievements aside from Final no, are attainable by playing against 1 or 2 AI on very easy. Final no can only be attained against a normal level AI, as lower difficulty players won't play Just Say No card.
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