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  1. GT: The Bovine Moos "I'm Bovine Shepard, and this is my favourite site on the internet!" Someone had to...
  2. http://www.windowscentral.com/mass-effect-andromeda-receives-775mb-patch-xbox-one There aren't any patch notes at this point though. They are up now - http://blog.bioware.com/2017/03/21/mass-effect-andromeda-patch-1-04-early-access-patch-notes/
  3. I've tried this twice now. I enable the challenge card "Uncovering the Truth", collect the 8 documents and then complete the level but - no achievement. It shows as "Locked", Not "Done - Unlocking" etc. in the achievement tracker. If I immediately try to do it again, the challenge card shows as being on cool down (first time was 8 hours, second time it's now 9 hours) before I can try to use it again. Anyone had this problem? Cheers, --Bovine.
  4. Strange, I haven't had a crash yet. I'm in the Alpha Preview and haven't had any dashboard/blade problems... yet!
  5. Hopefully they fixed the random crashes! Couldn't find any patch notes on Bethesda's site as yet.
  6. Okay, the solution (worked for me) appears to be to un-install the game and re-install. The version no is now 1.10 - it was 1.9 before.
  7. Tried a hard reset of the Xbox (pulled the power cable - only way to go!). Now fails at 771.24MB.
  8. Exactly the same problem here - tried updating serveral times, stuck at 767MB.
  9. Similar problem here. I'm stuck on 95% for "Big Pharma", for some reason it tracked up very quickly at the beginning of the game, but hasn't moved an inch since. I've played on Win10 & Xbox (mainly Xbox), but haven't used any glitches.
  10. You can only select the number of laps if it's a circuit, cross country circuit or scramble race.
  11. Yes, The exhibition is just one race. The championship will have three or more - though you can create your own using a blueprint to reduce the length.
  12. You can do them in any order. The Exhibition/Championship will turn gold when it's complete and the route will be greyed out when both are complete.
  13. In Single player, if there is an active championship and you then try to start another, you are given the option to quit by pressing the Y button. Might be worth a try?
  14. Nothing should be missable. The game hasn't been out that long, so time will tell if anything is glitchy. The only one I've found that is a pain in the arse is "I Know These Roads". You have to have a good eye to spot the roads you've missed on the map!
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