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  1. I started a 12v12 and am leaving it open, join asap!
  2. we have 7 in a room right now!
  3. yup, just turn impact setting on, it took 3 races for me to get it and 4 for the guy i was boosting with.
  4. monkey gone to heaven is by far the easiest song to 100% on expert, did it the other day. It took 3 tries because the last phrase of the song is different than the rest, otherwise the song just repeats. Just hum everything to get steady coverage on the notes.
  5. Odin72

    The Venhola Ice

    K, i got Venhola Ice today thanks to DarkAngelz! You guys should invite each other into a club. You only need 3. It took us a few tries because people who play clubs are pretty serious and I'd never done it before but now my gamerscore is 999 in FIFA! Good luck!
  6. 979, just need The Peterson and Venhola Ice. Anyone wanna help me get Venhola??? Me and my friend just need 1 more person and then the win.
  7. Odin72

    The Venhola Ice

    I need one more person to try to get The Venhola Ice achievement. You only need 3 people on a club and then need to win to get it. Me and my friend just need one more person. Message me and send an invite to Odin72 if you want in and we'll invite you to our club for the game.
  8. JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW: If you want the Tmobile achievement go in to a quick cruise on xbox live and if there are 5 or more OTHER people in there invite them all to be your friends. As soon as 5 of them accept you'll get the achievement. I just did it and it took less than 5 minutes. If you have friends that play the game get them into the same cruise and it'll be even quicker.
  9. i need the tmobile achievement too, send me a mssg, gamertag Odin72
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