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  1. If anyone has an extra golden idol and doesn't want it, send it to me please. I have a level 67 Sorcerer I believe. Tag is SegaSaturnSNK
  2. You must be a real retard to have difficulty finding the collectibles in the game. It's so damn easy. Waypoint that shit!
  3. Not hard at all, you'll die here and there but still, it's an easy 1000/1000. A fun 1000/1000 that is.
  4. Someone that says that is completely a 16 year old retard. Possibly younger so yeah. I got the game for 18 bucks off Amazon thanks to Amazon credit. I would say if you spend 30 dollars or less for the game then it's totally worth it. I first regret not getting the CE for it but after beating it less than a week and getting all the achievements for it, I didn't regret it at all. I wish there was some sort of announcement of more achievements for the game with future DLC so I can keep this a while longer but I might just go ahead and trade it in to Gamestop next week. It def. a rental game, have fun a good week with it, and back it goes to wherever. I had tons of fun with it but as long as you rent it or get it less than 30 dollars, go for it. It's def. a fun open world game just wrecking shit.
  5. You guys want to be the next on line to be a bunch of cry baby bitches about some ending especially a game that isn't even popular among folks. God, this tread better not continue because ME3 fans themselves ruined ME3 altogether. Accept it for what it is, there is always DLC to continue from what happened. This is Prototype, you had some sort of connection with Heller? Did you father you when you were a child? Then shut up, leave it as is. It had to end, it had to end, end of story. Game was fun but if you think about it, the story wasn't all great, the characters are okay, it was just mainly a game to run around and wreck havoc in a city. This isn't even close to what ME series was so shut up.
  6. Just got it, thanks. There are going to be a lot of dumbasses like me who went straight to horde thinking after 10 waves, they'll get an event. Event Calender fail! I'm so happy I'm done with this game, didn't bother to re up again, not even going to go for Srly 3.0, and that bullshit Guardian 10 kills as a leader. I seriously hate Epic after all this, crappy season pass, piss poor DLC, and etc. They handled things terrible then again, money talks so they don't give a single shit about their fans. 1000th post with a rant, OH YEAH!
  7. What are we suppose to play to get today's event? I played Guardian and Horde and didn't get anything after the match was done and the 10 waves are done. I'm on my last event, I want to get this garbage out of the way already lol.
  8. Wow, with the season pass being a season piss on my face, with it being on sale too telling us to go fuck ourselves, with DLC being weak and achievements being a grindfest, and now this? Geez, I'm done with Gears of War forever unless a different developing team does the game. Other than that, they keep screwing us more and more.
  9. My apologizes Ellie Goulding, didn't meat to tickle your pickle to that extreme.
  10. Real stupid noob question, does your stats from the demo carry out to the full game or are we going to have to start multi. all over again on the final product?
  11. You do realize the original date for the game was April 2011? Then it was delayed until September 20th. I'm sure they worked hard with that delay and had things planned out ahead of time and possibly done with everything. Nov., Dec., and Jan. were quick DLCs to throwout so it seems like they were working on this one a bit more but still, I'm sure it's half assed just like the others. Even what I noticed in the beta, all those maps, some were changed up a bit on the final product but it looks almost identical graphical wise. Probably just polished it up a bit and that's it. I'm sure the product was done and they stuck to the deadline until Microsoft told them they needed a holiday exclusive for 360 because they had NOTHING for exclusive. Well, nothing I can remember besides Halo. So what I'm trying to say, all this DLC stuff was probably done while the game was delayed and on top of that, planned ahead. I'm sure if everybody and their mothers complained about the first DLC when the game was suppose to originally come out, things might be different but they had the shit done and was lazy to not go ahead and satisfy the fan base. My opinion though, I could be wrong.
  12. Hoping that the next Gears game can prevail DLC wise because this has become a huge disappointment. People Who Fly or whatever from what I heard are going to develop the next Gears game and I hope they can do a better job than Epic. I remember the first Gears, they screwed everyone with that campaign that was exclusive to PC, part 2 had okay DLC, just a bunch of maps new and old, an okay very short single campaign, and well, sort of a lazy attempt but at least there wasn't no freaking season pass. Then this comes out with so much hype especially announcing a season pass, thinking it's going to be super bad ass just to be pissed off thanks to it being on sale around Dec. for one day for a cheaper price, and screwing person after person who went ahead and got it day one. Once the next batch of achievements come for the game, I'm going to get all those done, see if I can reup one more time, and do 9 more events and get rid of the game. I'm not even going to bother with Seriously 3.0 because the grinding is incredibly boring and a tremendous shitfest.
  13. Haha, I remember playing it on hardcore with 3 other people and that was without mutators and that sucked big time man. I think we were on that last chapter for a good 2 hours trying to beat the last boss. God that sucked so much. I was looking forward to doing insane but I end up beating it by myself which was more easier and convenient than playing it with someone else with mutators of course. At the time I didn't have infinite ammo on so I just had super reload. I would run out of ammo and struggle a lot on that last chapter but was able to beat it.
  14. I did insane all by myself on arcade mode with super reload on and it was quite easy. I went through it in a breeze and had more difficulty in other levels than the last one surprisingly. All I have to say is arcade and super reload is the way to go to beat it on insane by yourself. I'm still surprised today I did the whole damn thing myself. Nothing but cover, cover, and more cover ... ugh.
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