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  1. Same. This is a piece of shit game and I regret buying it.
  2. So recently I started playing some older games again like Fallout 3 and Oblivion, as these games are already 10 years old... That's strange because I still remember those games like it was yesterday, me buying it in the stores When you compare every year you could say 2007 was one of the best ever! I have the best memories of these games and that will probably never happen again. Let me know what you think! I look forward to hear your number 1 or top5 in general. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bu8CkJR3XDQ
  3. Only one I'm missing is INVISIBLE MAN. I've looked everywhere and not a single site has info about this.
  4. If you started the game on Normal and switch to Brutal at the last mission, it does NOT work.
  5. Weird. On the site it says FULL GAME And didn't even see this coming online! Can't find news about it anywhere.
  6. same here. completed carnage mode, all gold, but this achievement doesnt unlock
  7. Add me for boosting: witter56 Need all the awards and 20x squad spawning. I can help you get others
  8. add me for the team achievements: witter56
  9. Need all COOP achievements and rather do them on INSANE. Add me: Woutsie
  10. The box says all 4 games included; Halo: Anniversary, Halo Reach, Fable 3 and GoW 2 (complete edition) But it is not the complete edition! I feel ripped off. Already contacted Xbox support because 2 games are in French (Halo Reach and Fable 3) and I don't even speak French. They can't do anything about the language... I hope they can fix the GoW2 complete edition and give me the free codes I deserve.
  11. But I CAN cancel it a day before a new month of Gold? Then it's possible to have 12 months Gold for only 12$... Just cancel it on time...
  12. Did anyone try this? It's always on the Xbox Dashboard menu. 1$ of 1€ for 1 month. Now it's 2$ or 2€ for 2 months. Is this recommended? Or should I just buy a 12month Xbox Live Gold card? Can I cancel my subscription to Gold a day before a new month/renewal?
  13. Need some expert spec-op players to complete almost every mission. Add me: Woutsie
  14. Problem is, I received a download code for GoW2 for my new Anniversary Pack xbox 360 and GoW2 is not GOTY lame actually...
  15. Got LA Noire complete (bought DLC ) and don't like the game at all. Boring.. Also got Mafia 2, super game!
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