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  1. Thanks mate. Was hoping to keep all my upgraded stuff and go through it again. Seems as though I'll just have to start over then.
  2. So Black Friday and Cyber Monday has been and gone, why has this game been offered around for next to nothing? I paid £44.99 not 3 weeks ago - could have had it for less than half. What kind of marketing strategy is this?
  3. Finished the story on the second-to-hardest difficulty, just wondering do I need to start a completely new campaign on hard difficulty or can I replay missions on a higher difficulty for the achievement? Thanks
  4. Got this delivered today, wondering what those of you who've had a chance to play the full game thinks of the multiplayer + campaign? I must say, I am looking forward to the game + enjoyed the BETA.
  5. I've played 2 so far and they are actually amazing. The one in the desert I was playing earlier yesterday and couldn't believe that the conditions changed throughout the game. From sandstorm to perfect sunny conditions
  6. This happened with me and my friend the other day, kept signing in and out and crashing. We just gave up in the end
  7. Anyone know the size of the game from EA access? Wondering how long it will take to download
  8. If I get Fallout 3 and New Vegas before 4 comes out I'll probably get some sort of limited edition. if not, I'll stick to the normal version and hope I enjoy it. I don't really even know what its about, but I'll probably read some background soon.
  9. What a brilliant thread this is, it's definitely beginning to persuade me to purchase Fallout 4. It's something that I wanted to play when Fallout 3 came out years ago. I just never got round to it, since then I haven't been on Xbox much and went with things such as Borderlands and Skyrim, I really enjoyed these games and if its anything like them then I'm sure I'll love it. I've just bought an Xbox one too
  10. I see, well mine didnt. Probably wasnt on the same gamertag. Oh well.
  11. I have seen a lot of people in online matches though with "FUT Founder" so I'm not sure how this is?
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