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  1. for anyone curious there is now a windows 10 version it shares the achievement list with the x1 version
  2. So I am just trying to prove or disprove of something. Regardless if you believe or don't believe, hell even if you never played gears of war Have you ever heard of the gnasher(shotgun) being a problem in gears of war multiplayer, Such as overpowered or making the game unfair
  3. it uses the xbox one achievement list (most games going forward will do this) so you can either play on w10 or xbox 1 but they share the same achievement list, cannot stack sadly
  4. no luck for the 1 minute one but all others are done unlocking...
  5. same I did the 1 minute achievement a bunch of times hoping it pops tomorrow
  6. I am having the same issue and I am in Canada
  7. anyone figure out the achievement work around for this game
  8. Same issue should have gotten 2 story achievements in book of unwritten tales and both still showing locked not done unlocking, going back to 360 tell someone figures this out as I don't know if they will auto unlock
  9. I can confirm unless you buy the dark pack or a addiontal vehicle / race pack it is impossible to get 1k due to emblem achievement as only 11 are possible with a land vehicle
  10. Ooh shiny Get 12 gold emblems you can only get 11 with 1 vehicle U either need a second vehicle or to buy the land race pack
  11. So this is a fair warning to all those that decided for the 1000 gs. If you go out and buy either the starter pack it is impossible to get the 1k out of this game as you require a additional vehicle the developers assumed you would buy the dark edition which includes 2 vehicles
  12. This game was announced for both consoles a month or 2 ago by Disney so its not a mistake even though you don't like it
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