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  1. It's the last activity I need gold, it's the medium fight club, when you first go into it it says gold is at least 3 mins left, but my best time is 3:35 and after you have finished it, it changes to at least 4 mins left for gold. I am almost fully upgraded and I seem to do it pretty quick, wave one I TK the 4 snipers into a wall, wave two I run around and do a finisher on the 18 enemies, wave 3 is a king of the hill which is easy, then the boss wave I freeze him and kick crap out of him, any tips?
  2. I'm in no rush to complete it, im not going to delete my save and start again just for it to glitch again, im just going to wait till they patch the glitchy crap.
  3. Same with me, I have 2 left to unlock saved up the last 6 points and bought them both and completed the level, next level loaded up, I had 0 unlocks and the 2 modules were locked again. I can confirm that you can equip locked modules.
  4. Genuinely think this is one of the best games I have played in the last year or so. Yes people moaned about the co-op but I enjoyed every minute of it.
  5. I can confirm it works with mines.
  6. I have not yet collected any relics, memory cards or letters, but I have 38/38 recipes
  7. I am 54% still have 5 main missions to do and It says i have 38/38 recipes, but i ain't done anything special.
  8. Glad I read about this, will get the rest of the miscellaneous achievements before I continue, thanks for the heads up and good luck with getting it done.
  9. NetroDude


    The only tip I can give, is play easy so its $100 buy in (I say easy because I did a few tests on the other difficulties and it seemed to give me pairs a lot more than the others) keep folding till you get a dealt a pair, then just go all in, sometimes 1 or 2 of them will fold, but its a quick way rather than having to wait for the flop, turn and the river. I lost a few games but won most of the time, I had the achievement in about 9 games
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