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  1. Going to use this to set-up my 2 power runs. Didn't use it first time around but definitely going to get 2 saves ready incase they patch it out. Reloading saves doesn't work for Split Afinity. I did a no power run for my first playthrough. Saved before the of end game, reload, equipped some powers Human finished then repeated for Typhon powers and it didn't unlock. The game must have a trigger at some point in the game that stops you from taking advantage of the save system.
  2. Make sure you don't have the chipset that makes you immune to recycler damage. That was my mistake when I thought it had glitched out for me. Also don't stand on top of the grenade, just stand close enough that it can drag you forwards.
  3. Not currently. Theres ones for the Book and Smugglers achievements but that's it. It's gonna take a while as they're tons of emails and for some of the TranScribes you have to kill important AI that you might not first time around.
  4. Batman - TellTale Series. I also did the Game of Thrones TellTale series the day before but that was pretty bad. I did the 1000 in Resident Evil 7 the weekend before and I have to say its one of my most favorite recent completions. Such a good a game. Wasn't really planning on going for the 1000 but I love playing the game.
  5. I picked up TellTales GoT and Batman. GoT is really well priced and Batman is pretty good. Shame you have to buy the 1st Episode though Some really good deals though. Tempted to grab Dead Island Collection and Metro Redux. Even though I've done the Redux pshycial copy the game is great and at that price is a real good deal for 2 games!
  6. I would say your 100% Estimate is a little high, around 30-50 hours depending on Zombie skill. You can grab the 800 from Campaign in around 5-6 hours. Also technically the only Online achievement is the 5 Multiplayer wins. Zombies can be done solo offline, although it is obviously easier with a team. Great guide though, will definitely help new players.
  7. When I did back in the day it took me no more than an hour and then I did it for 2 family members and 2 friends as well. MWR was definitely different for me though, breezed straight through the Campaign on Vet with only 1 or 2 frustrating moments. Mile High Club on the other hand took me nearly 5 hours! I don't know if they changed anything with enemies spawning patterns, movements, awareness Etc. but damn, I'm sure I aged a couple of years in those 5 hours through stress Haha Well done though! I would be proud getting it done. The 100% on CoD4/MWR is no slouch.
  8. Seems like it's starting to drop off a little now. Multiplayer/Comp is starting to take a little dip as well. Shame really, its definitely been the best GoW since Gears 2 personally.
  9. 100k in a month and a half! Damn dude. Congrats my man.
  10. Yes. The challenges auto save like the collectibles once you complete them. I'm 99% sure though that your progress for challenges will reset if you don't complete it and restart the mission.
  11. Having a Rank is pointless! I'm Lvl 29, don't put me against Lvl 40+ Players and then proceed to give me Lvl 5 and below teammates who don't know their ear hole from their arsehole. Map Rotation needs to be addressed. Have the rotation like previous Gears games were it would cycle a list from top to bottom. This Random CoD style rotation doesn't work in Gears, you always seem to play Fuel Depot, Mansion & ClockTower. I've played 150+ games and only played Raven Down twice. Couldn't begin to count the amount of times I've played the forementioned maps.
  12. I'm Lvl 27 so far and I've played close to or over 150 games, I've played on Raven Down one time. Yet I couldn't begin to count the amount of items I've played Fuel Depot, Mansion & Courtyard. The Rotation of maps isn't very good at all. They need have it like the original Gears, have the maps in a list and just let the game cycle said list.
  13. The Ranger Stashes take like 15-20 and they're all in one area. Just do this level again after you've completed your playthrough. There are only 3 Diaries in Dead City anyway, shouldn't be that confusing.
  14. I unlock all the Perks and then deleted my save which wipes everything so hopefully when I do my collectibles playthrough it will unlock. If not then balls too it Haha
  15. I've found all the letters in the game but the achievement hasn't unlocked.... I've checked the collectibles menu and all the letters are there unlocked. Anybody have any idea how to fix this?
  16. Avoid Turtle Beach headsets if you can. They used to be really good but in the past 2 years they've massively dipped in quality. I would advise you go for a pair of Trittons or aquire more funds and get a set of Astro A40s. If you really must get some TBs I would suggest the X32s from the ones you've listed
  17. I can't be the only one that isn't bothered about game modes and maps so much... I want some more weapons man, atleast another Assualt Rifle or LMG.
  18. I've come so close to hitting pilots its unreal Haha It's pretty difficult that's forsure, I'll get it eventually just like I did with the kill all pilots when evacuating. Just gotta keep on trucking I suppose.
  19. Pretty bummed about Hardpoint Holds being reduced from 75 to 25 points. I still play Hardpoint but not seeing that 3-4k defense and attack points saddens me Haha I find it funny how some people are getting butthurt about players defending points...... Thats the objective of the gametype, capture points and defend them until you get enough points to win, I don't see the problem here
  20. My best so far is 24 pilots and 3 deaths in Hardpoint, I had about 4k defense points as well. My best Attrition is 23 pilots and 3 deaths with around 35 minions. I normally float around 12-15 pilot kills each game I play. Personally I think anything over 15 pilots in this game is pretty decent.
  21. Achievememt is still obtainable as of 4/01/2014. I don't know if this matters but the game kept on saying Servers down for me when I tried to export in freedraw and gallery but when I was doing the Art Starters I exported my current drawing from there and it unlocked
  22. I took a week off work (Payed Holiday) to play and go to midnight launch. Bassicly just played on the hours I would of been working
  23. Its alot! I know from 50-60 & Prestige was about 300-400k. It took me 1day & 8 hours to prestige my 1st solider. Nearly double the time it took in Black Ops 2.
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