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  1. 100% agree on focused, especially for the third slot. It's a waste. That's why I switched it out for a real damage talent. In general though 204 vs. 229 is all over the place. I still remember when 204's were new I got a sniper with lower base damage and headshot modifier than the 163 I had. That's just ridiculous. Too much RNG in this game. Oh yeah, if you've not been recalibrating than you need to look into it right away, especially if you're around 150 in all. It's really the only way to make viable gear. The good news is it's gotten a little easier since they have hard-coded the mod slots. For the most part, you want to have enough firearms to unlock your weapon talents (unless you're going with a tactician build, then the weapon talents don't matter and you want to stack stamina for survivability). After that, a good general kind of build would be to recalibrate your major gear attributes to this: Vest: Armor Backpack: Skill power Mask: Skill power Gloves: crit chance, crit damage, weapon of choice damage Kneepads: Armor Holster: Armor If you have good enough armor on your vest and holster, you can move around the kneepads a little bit, but for the most part I usually roll with the above on my gear and that maxes damage mitigation (most important thing) at 75%. For main stats (firearms, stamina, electronics) you don't really want anything but the holster rolled to electronics, even as a tactician build. Reason being is the talents that require electronics are pretty stupid high, you'll never balance enough to get them unlocked, and you're going to try and pick up skill power through your backpack/mask/gear mods. With that, I can get up to about 32k skill power if I use the right mods. For the most part though, you don't want to roll the main stat, instead roll the major attributes. I don't personally re-roll minor attributes unless it's a really, really good roll everywhere else. That's pretty rare. Like, I think I've done it twice throughout the whole game. Just by reaching the armor cap, as long as you have gear with mostly stamina rolls on it and stamina mods, you can easily recalibrate from 150's across the board to at least get up to 450 or so in toughness with 268 gear (and depending on what you're using, could probably get up to like, 210 DPS/350+ toughness). That's hardly a comprehensive guide, and I'm hardly a pro-player by any means, but that's a good place to start with recalibrating. Weapon talents is a whole other beast, but definitely worth looking into. Stuff you'll never unlock (e.g. the stuff with 2000+ electronics requirements like coolheaded, fierce, etc) you might as well re-roll to a useful talent. But those talents are awesome to have in the third slot if you have two useful talents in the first two slots. I'd be happy to help out some with your build if you have any questions. Like I said earlier, I'm hardly a pro-player, but I've read up on the game and play around with builds quite a bit.
  2. Just a heads up, this should have been fixed with last night's server maintenance, here's the two corresponding items in the patch notes: Fixed a bug where the player would be teleported back to the safe house during Tatiana Atkins Missing Persons mission. Fixed a bug where the player would be teleported back to the safe house during Aaron Keener Missing Agent mission.
  3. As Dusan said, the explosive ammo is granted by the 4 piece reclaimer set. Really fun to play with. I have a a poor set of it (214's and 240's) and it's still pretty awesome to use. To expand on the green circle - that's the ammo cache mod on the support station. It was probably the same person running that, as the 2 piece set bonus on the reclaimer set is +100% support station healing speed. Not only is that keeping you from using ammo, you should probably see it healing you pretty quick as well. It's a great set, kind of makes the firecrest and blind sets seem worthless (and that's coming from someone who's currently using the 3 piece firecrest set b/c it's 268 and that +100% reload speed is funnnnn). To stay back on topic, I have a G36 that has brutal/stable/deadly on it (I re-rolled the third to deadly) that has survived the nerf pretty well, still my best assault rifle, though I had to re-roll it to get it there. My pre-patch 204 SOCOM M1A is probably the best straight drop I've gotten, it has deadly/prepared/brutal on it. Still using that as I haven't gotten a good 229 sniper to drop.
  4. I've had it as well. The stability seems to have cleared up (previously myself and group were getting disconnected every so often and couldn't get back in, but that seemed to clear up after this last weekend) but still getting freezes every so often. Apparently the devs know about it and are working on a fix, but no ETA.
  5. No, see brbnasec's post above. I didn't have a chance to test it, but it should work with second disc.
  6. I am, as well as others I'm sure, eyeing the two items mentioned as they're on sale for the summer sale (for those that don't know, both are now 12.50, 50% off their regular prices). Question is simple: are they worth it? Does it add a lot of content to the game worth playing? I'm assuming the season pass is just a bunch of cars basically, is there anything else I'm missing in the description? Thanks to any replies in advance.
  7. The PGA golf game is an easy completion, just takes a long time to do all of the night club challenges. I'm still working on those, and there are a couple that you can get stuck on, but there's videos out there to help.
  8. Well son of a bitch, glad it's that simple. I'll have to give that a go tonight when I get back on. Thanks man!
  9. Use it to re-roll weapons at the re-calibration station upstairs in the Base of Operations. You can now re-roll one weapon talent per gun, up to 6 times. Gets pricy quick. I was sitting on max as well but you can spend them quick up there and it's a great addition. You can even re-roll pre-DLC guns. I liked the first mission as well, kind of hope they incorporate similar layouts to that one, but just from the ones I've done so far it doesn't seem like they will. The objectives are random, but for the most part you should be able to just get it as you play through enough underground missions. You can do them solo (not difficult to do on hard mode just to get XP and rank up) or with a group. Either way is fine.
  10. Has to do with the ultimate edition. Long story short, I installed both disks (main and DLC), brought save files over via the cloud. When I load up my latest save, which is in the middle of the Old World Blues DLC, it says that not all of the same DLC is installed that was present in the save file (or something to that extent). Does anyone know if the DLC will work or if it's just the vanilla game that's BC? Any workarounds?
  11. I keep mine pretty trimmed up usually. Currently have the following installed: The Division (currently playing daily) Rainbow Six: Siege (play with friends occasionally) Flockers (this is probably going to uninstall soon, I keep meaning to get back to it but never do) Polychromatic (actually really fun, simple, cheap little game. play it occasionally as it's easy to start/get into and doesn't take a huge time investement) Rory McIlroy PGA Tour (just installed this as I saw it was on EA access, been playing and enjoying it quite a bit lately) Defense Grid 2 (installed as GwG, played a few times but will probably move on soon) The Crew (just installed last night) Dragon Age: Inquisition (I WILL finish it...even though I haven't played in a couple months)
  12. I don't think I've ever run into 2 named enemies side by side, is it possible they're just elite enemies (yellow)? There might still be a named guy down there somewhere, or it's possible someone was down there right before you and took out the boss (named enemy) and then looted/took off. There's another good place in DZ1 to farm a named enemy. If you're looking at the map, take the entrance on the east side of DZ1 and just run straight forward. There's a little inlet on the left that some rioters will come out of, and a named enemy right in there (it's directly across the street from a fenced area with some cars on lifts and whatnot). You can basically just go in there every so often and he should respawn. I like killing that enemy, then heading through the fenced area, to the left, and kind of zig zag up to the next boss area which is out in the open in a landmark. Here's a map that might make more sense (I'm talking about the boss in the lower right hand corner of the map, and then next one up just north of the grayed out landmark on the map): http://gameranx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Division-Tech-Map.png
  13. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/91NRq-691GL._SX342_.jpg Finally got around to the collectibles. Pretty excited for the new update, basically been all I played for the last 3 months since release (though I did enjoy the release of Defense Grid 2 on GwG, been enjoying that the last couple days while I was for the 1.2 update to drop)
  14. The DZ achievements are definitely easier at lower levels, such as the rogue kills. But it's also worth mentioning that most of the people you'll encounter at level 14 are going to be "twinks" that are there just to cause chaos. They're geared out especially well for that level. Still easier than trying to bridge the gap at level 30 though. You don't have to stay at 14 though, the level caps are 14, 19, 24, and 29. You can basically stop at all of those levels for a little while and poke around in the DZ and not be at a great disadvantage. That way you can kind of get the DZ achievements over time. The toughest one is 20 rogue kills, and I got most of those at level 19 myself. EDIT: I forgot one of the achievements is for extracting in all 8 extraction points. Save that one for 30, as DZ 5 and 6 are always going to be out of your reach (maybe doable at 29, but I'd still suggest waiting till 30, and possibly in a group to get those final extraction points)
  15. I would say no, only because it lists a temporary ban effect right above it. I imagine they mention somewhere else in the e-mail whether it's a temporary or permanent ban? Says you can't sign in from any device. Can't imagine that's the case, betting it's just the temporary.
  16. Oh snap, I just now saw your post regarding the RBI Baseball achievement guide. I'll get those fixed over as soon as I can and resubmit. Thanks!

  17. All done. Thanks for reading, please leave any feedback or questions.
  18. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89143-lo.jpg Worthy Challenger 50:gsicon: Complete 1 R.B.I. Challenge. Complete 1 R.B.I. Challenge in Seasons mode. Please refer to "Fully Threaded" achievement for more details on which challenges are easiest to obtain, but note that this must be done in Seasons mode rather than Playoffs or Exhibition. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89144-lo.jpg Fully Threaded 200:gsicon: Complete 5 R.B.I. Challenges. The main thing to remember in regards to R.B.I. Challenges is that they must be done in Seasons mode, and that you want to make sure you are connected to the internet (it can be very deflating to complete a challenge but not get credit because the game can't connect to the leaderboards). Beyond that, completing R.B.I. Challenges can be tough but doable. Below is a list of all possible R.B.I. Challenges and their corresponding team (please note you can also see the requirements in game by going to Exhibition mode and selecting on each team to change uniform, then highlight the locked uniform for details on how to unlock). I've included the list in order of relative difficulty, but please note this is hardly a definitive list of difficulty, and is mainly my opinion. What will be easiest for you will be relative to your strengths in the game. Generally however, you want to look for things that don't require specific scenarios (like hitting a game-tying and game-winning homerun) and don't require a specific amount of games (like 20 game hitting streak, and RBI's with pitchers over 30 games). Washington Nationals: Get 30 hits over 100 consecutive at-bats as the Nationals. - Pretty easy to do overall, their hitters are decent and you can accomplish this with almost any team after getting used to hitting. Atlanta Braves: Hit 2 home runs in an inning as the Braves. - Almost entire lineup are average to above-average power hitters. Just hold down on the analog stick while hitting and swing for the fences. San Francisco Giants: Get a hit from every player in the starting lineup, including the pitcher, as the Giants. - Fairly easy to do, lineup features good hitters and pitchers can get a hit more often than you'd think. Houston Astros: Hit a single, double, triple, and home run in the same game as the Astros. - They aren't that good, but their lineup lends to this challenge as they have 4 speed guys (making it easier to hit double and triples) and a couple power hitters. Hard to get in their home stadium, but should be doable in a road game. Hold down on the analog stick when you swing, even with the non power hitters and swing for the "gaps" in between outfielders to get doubles and triples with the speed guys. Cincinnati Reds: Hit 4 home runs in a single game as the Reds. - Not too difficult, lineup features decent power hitters. Again swing for the fences (press down on analog stick as you're swinging) and this should come before too long. Colorado Rockies: Get a hit with the same player in 20 straight games as the Rockies. - This is actually really easy to do as their lineup contains pretty good hitters, but it takes awhile since it's over 20 games. New York Yankees: Get 4 RBIs in 2 consecutive games with the same player as the Yankees. - Lineup isn't as good as you'd expect, mostly making this difficult to get players in position to be RBIs for the good hitters in the lineup. Boston Red Sox: Steal 4 bases with the same player in a single game as the Red Sox. - To steal a base, press and the direction of the base you're attempting to steal as the pitchers begins his throwing motion. Isn't too difficult with the leadoff hitter as long as you can get him on base. Chicago White Sox: Get 5 hits from the same player in a single game as the White Sox. - Couple of good hitters in the lineup, but kind of boils down to luck, and also have to hit well with the rest of the players as you won't get 5 at-bats unless you're scoring at least a couple runs. Anaheim Angels: Get 3 extra-base hits with the same player in a single game as the Angels. - Pretty good hitters in the lineup, if you catch a hot streak in the batters box it's not too hard to do, just mainly go for doubles and hit down the line or in the alleys. Pittsburgh Pirates: Get 15 RBIs over 10 consecutive games with the same player as the Pirates. - Not too difficult to do, but as it takes 10 games to do it's a little bit longer. Kansas City Royals: Win after trailing by 4 runs as the Royals. - Actually not too difficult, just have to be trailing by 4 runs before it's even possible, then also have enough time to mount a come back as they aren't the best hitting team. Philadelphia Phillies: Score 4 runs in an extra inning as the Phillies. - An extra inning is anything 10th or later. So for this to be possible, you first have to be tied and go into extra innings and then score 4 runs. Doable, but difficult to get the situation right and then score 4 runs. Seattle Mariners: Score 4 runs in an extra inning as the Mariners. - Same as above. Milwaukee Brewers: Win with a walk-off home run after trailing by 4 runs as the Brewers. - Same as the Royals, except now you have to hit a walk-off home run. A walk off home run can only be done when you're the home team and in the 9th inning or later to win the game. Detroit Tigers: Get two home runs in a game with the same player 3 times as the Tigers. - Self explanatory and the Tigers have pretty good hitters, you'll just have to do this over the course of 3 games or more. San Diego Padres: Get 7 home runs and 20 RBIs over 25 consecutive games with the same player as the Padres. - The Padres have a couple of good hitters making this pretty manageable, just the fact that it takes 25 games to do makes this one of the less desirable challenges. New York Mets: Allow 10 hits or fewer and get 25 strikeouts over 3 wins as the Mets. - As you'll have to use all 3 "starting" pitchers for this, it can be pretty difficult as they don't have very good pitchers. That many strikeouts is tough as well. Oakland Athletics: Get 9 saves with a reliever over 10 consecutive save opportunities as the Athletics. - Most difficult part is getting save opportunities (which means you're winning by 3 or less runs going into the final inning). Not hard, but as it takes at least 10 (and most likely more) it's not preferred. LA Dodgers: Hit a grand slam with a pinch hitter as the Dodgers. - Difficult to both get in the right scenario (bases loaded) and then also hit a grand slam with a pinch hitter. Just make sure when you have the bases loaded to put in a pinch hitter no matter who it is you're replacing (this will also replace that player in the field, but there's really not much difference in who plays what position for one game). Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays: Get 8 strikeouts over 5 consecutive innings as the Rays. - Not as difficult since it only takes 5 consecutive innings, but 8 strikeouts in that short of a time can be difficult unless you're pretty good as pitching. Team has average pitchers. Toronto Blue Jays: Get 8 strikeouts over 5 consecutive innings as the Blue Jays. - Same as above. Cleveland Indians: Score first in 12 straight games as the Indians. - Just takes awhile and can be thrown off late in the streak. Note that you can quit out of a game and then start it again if you don't score first. Minnesota Twins: Get 2 consecutive shutouts as the Twins. - Difficult to get shutouts in consecutive games, as they don't have stellar pitchers. Texas Rangers: Get 2 consecutive shutouts as the Rangers. - Same as above. Baltimore Orioles: Hit 3 home runs in 3 consecutive games with the same player as the Orioles. - Lineup is not overly good, and hitting that many homeruns in consecutive games is tough. Davis is a really good power hitter though, so you might find this a bit easier. Arizona Diamondbacks: Hit both a game-tying home run and a walk-off home run in the same game as the Diamondbacks. - Difficult because you must first get in a scenario where you're down by how many runs you hit the home run for, and then also hit a game winning home run as well (which requires you to be the home team). St. Louis Cardinals: Pitch a shutout with 12 strikeouts as the Cardinals. - Again depends on how good you are at pitching, but this is a difficult one overall. I personally had trouble getting this many strikeouts in a game, much less while also pitching a shutout. Does not have to be done with one pitcher though. Chicago Cubs: Get 12 RBIs from pitchers over 30 games as the Cubs. - Not as hard as it sounds actually, but since it takes over 30 games, it's going to take awhile to do and they aren't a very good team overall. Miami (Florida) Marlins: Have the starting pitcher record 9 strikeouts while allowing no runs over 7 innings as the Marlins. - Difficult because 9 strikeouts over that amount of time is difficult, much less while also allowing no runs and doing it with the starting pitcher. Even the best pitchers in the game get pretty tired after about 6 innings, so you're kind of hoping to get a lot of strikeouts pretty quick, then just hope the team you're playing against doesn't tee off when the pitcher gets tired.
  19. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89153-lo.jpg Perfection in the Work 80:gsicon: Pitch a combined perfect game against the CPU. Can be done in any mode. Can be done one of two ways, though method 2 is what you're shooting for: 1. Pitch an actual complete game (9 innings) without allowing any hits, walks, or errors allowing an opposing player to get on base. 2. Score 10 or more runs before the top of the inning to win by mercy rule and don't allow any hits, walks, or errors allowing an opposing player to get on base up until that point. Option 2 is going to be easier if you can get out to a big lead. You can actually do this in 1 inning, but you'll have to pitch no matter if you're home or away, so just make sure to keep people off base. Even with poor pitching you can sometimes get through the first 2-3 innings without allowing a hit. Just try and score as much as you possibly can to mercy rule. This should come eventually during your Seasons mode playthrough. Going for it over the course of 9 innings is pretty tough, but can be spread across multiple pitchers. Just make sure you monitor your pitchers and take them out when they start losing speed on their pitches (should start around the 4th or 5th inning if you haven't allowed a hit to that point). Beyond that, just make sure you're mixing up speeds (fastball, changeup and knuckle) and moving your pitches around as best you can to keep hitters off guard. If you're going for this specifically, try playing an Exhibition game against a team with below average hitting and pitching (Astros, Cubs) and use one of the all-star teams and try to mercy rule them before they have a chance to get on base. Just make sure to set it to a 0 inning game. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89155-lo.jpg Power and Precision 50:gsicon: Hit 100 home runs. Can be done in any mode and is cumulative. Will come over time, to speed things up make sure to always push down on the analog stick while swinging when you're hitting with any of your power hitters (can also do it with any of your hitters, but most effective with the power hitters). A good time to get home runs is when the pitcher is getting tired. Look for this opportunity to get a few more, but you'll have this well before the 1000 runs or 1000 strikeouts so wouldn't worry too much about it. If you still don't have this after other modes or you're going for this specifically, use 2 controllers and head into an Exhibition game. Make sure the second controller has Assisted Fielding turned off in the settings menu so that the CPU doesn't catch the fly balls. With the second controller, just keep pitching by pressing right down the middle and swing away with the first controller while pressing down on the analog stick. Hit as many homeruns with the first controller (main profile) and you'll get this pretty quickly. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89156-lo.jpg Slam Master 50:gsicon: Hit 5 grand slams. Can be done in any mode and is cumulative. Most likely you'll have a few grand slams just playing through to get into the playoffs as well as challenges, etc. The most difficult part of getting grand slams is getting 3 players on base to even get the opportunity to do so against the CPU. Just make sure to swing for home runs (pressing down on analog stick) when you have the bases loaded to improve your chances, no matter who is hitting. Worth noting however, there is a way to speed this up by using 2 controllers and playing against each other. Make sure the second controller has Assisted Fielding turned off in the settings menu so that the CPU doesn't catch the fly balls. Then you can then just allow the first controller (main profile) to get hits by bunting to load the bases, and then press with the second controller to pitch right down the middle and swing while pressing down on the analog stick with the first controller to try and hit home runs. This should significantly speed up the process, especially if you do this after completing all other playthroughs which should get you a few naturally (I would recommend saving this till the end if you're going for 1000). http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89157-lo.jpg Strikeout King 70:gsicon: Strike out 1000 batters. Can be done in any mode and is cumulative. I would suggest first completing all other achievements before going for this, as you will naturally have quite a few while playing through the other modes. After you've done that, head into an Exhibition game with two controllers and keep striking the second controller out. Unfortunately it doesn't count strikeouts from both teams, only the one that's logged in with the first controller. To speed the game up, bunt with your first controller when they're up to bat and just keep throwing them out as quickly as possible. It will take awhile, but could come eventually after a couple hours of boosting once you've done all other achievements depending on how many you received from your other playthroughs. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89158-lo.jpg Name of the Game 85:gsicon: Get 1000 RBIs. Can be done in any mode and is cumulative. I would suggest first completing all other achievements before going for this, as you will naturally have quite a few while playing through the other modes. After you've done that, head into an Exhibition game and have your main profile (first controller) as the road team to prevent the mercy rule from happening. Then make sure the second controller has Assisted Fielding turned off in the settings menu so that the CPU doesn't catch the fly balls. With the second controller, just keep pitching by pressing and right down the middle and keep bunting with your first controller. Score as many runs with the first controller and you'll get this pretty quickly. I'm not sure what the limit is for how many runs you can score in an inning, but to be safe I would recommend "banking" your runs every 50 or so to prevent the leaderboard error. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89154-lo.jpg Old School 15:gsicon: Throw the ball away. Can be done in any mode. Easiest achievement in the game. To throw the ball away, throw the ball to your first basemen, then run off the base and just hit . That should try to throw it to first base but no one will be covering it so it will just keep going to the wall. Do this the first time the other team hits a ground ball after you've gotten the out. Easy peasy.
  20. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89149-lo.jpg Maximum Squeeze 30:gsicon: Hit a walk-off bunt against the CPU in the 9th inning. Can be done in any mode. Somewhat difficult just because of the criteria that must be met to accomplish this. First, you must be the home team as a walk-off anything is not possible as the away team. Next, you must be tied (or losing) going into the bottom of the 9th inning. Finally, you have to have one of your players on 3rd base before attempting this. It's best to have a runner on 3rd with less than 2 outs so that you don't have to have your hitter make it to first base, but not required. Once the above criteria is met, as soon as the pitcher begins his throwing motion, press and to have the runner on 3rd try and steal home base. At this point, press for the hitter to go into a bunt stance, and just make sure to make contact. The run should count once the player crosses home plate (if less than 2 outs) or one the runner makes it to first (if there are 2 outs). http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89150-lo.jpg Top to Bottom 50:gsicon: Hit a home run with a pitcher against the CPU. Can be done in any mode. You'll want to do this with a national league team as american league teams use the designated hitter, thus the pitcher doesn't hit unless they're playing AT a national league team. This is mostly luck based because pitchers just aren't that good at hitting homeruns. I used Julio Teheran from the Braves and later hit another with Jorge de la Rosa from the Rockies which isn't to say that either of these pitchers are good ones to use, rather just proving that it can be done with any pitcher. It just takes a good swing and a bit of luck to accomplish it. There is a pitcher "H. Alvarez" from the Marlins who is slightly above average (and I'm sure others), but you're still looking limited opportunities. It's best to just go through Seasons mode to go for this. I would suggest combining this achievement with "Mr. October" to maximize your possibilities if you're having trouble. You can press down on the analog stick when you swing to increase the chance of hitting a fly-ball/homerun, but it's still mostly down to timing the hit well, lining up the pitch, and hoping for the best. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89151-lo.jpg Batting Around 50:gsicon: Get 9 plate appearances in the same inning against the CPU. Can be done in any mode. This is plate appearances, so you don't have to get 9 hits. It should pop when the 9th batter comes to the plate. This will come over time when going for other achievements. If you're going for this specifically, try playing an Exhibition game against a team with below average pitching (Astros, Rockies, Cubs) and use one of the all-star teams and just hit away. Once again however, just make sure you have the Exhibition game set to 9 innings. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89152-lo.jpg Eye on the Ball 30:gsicon: In a 9-inning game against the CPU, don’t get struck out by the starting pitcher. Can be done in any mode. Not too difficult, just ensure that the starting pitcher doesn't strike you out. Just make sure to make contact when you're swinging, and you should get this in time. You don't even have to get a hit, just make sure you don't strike out. Depending on how you're doing against them, the starting pitcher shouldn't last more than 5 innings or so (even less if you're getting lots of hits). If you're going for this specifically, try playing an Exhibition game against a team with below average pitching (Astros, Rockies, Cubs) and use one of the all-star teams and just make sure to make contact.
  21. Achievement Guide: http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89145-lo.jpg Mr. October 80:gsicon: Make it to the Postseason. Can only be done in Seasons mode. Basically you'll want to qualify for the playoffs. This just takes awhile because the shortest season you can play is 52 games. You can qualify for the playoffs by either winning your division or the wild card. You can check the standings by pressing at the main season screen. Generally you'll want to win as much as possible (obviously) but if you find yourself in a position where you HAVE to win games towards the end of the season, you can quit out if you think you're going to lose and then start the game over. What you're also trying to do is two things: 1. Get as many runs and strikeouts as you can to lessen the grind of "Power and Precision", "Slam Master", "Strikeout King" and "Name of the Game". I had the most success by pitching to the outside of the plate, including throwing pitches just out of the reach of the hitters, but use whatever works best for your play style. The runs shouldn't be too much of a problem with a good team. 2. Try and get as many wins by mercy rule as possible to shorten the games. Most games take around 20 minutes or so to complete (on average) if you play the whole 9 innings. You can win a game as quickly as 2-3 minutes if you mercy rule in the first inning. Obviously the majority of the games you play will end up between these two lengths, but you can see why you're going to want to get through them as quickly as possible. I suggest using one of the better teams to do this (Dodgers, Tigers, Cardinals - all good pitching and hitting teams) or whatever team you're comfortable with. I would also suggest going for this after you've completed 4 challenges (that way you can use this to go for one of the easier challenges that take a little bit longer if you're comfortable with one of those teams) as well as think about using a national league team since they have pitchers hitting, thus giving you more chances for the "Top to Bottom" achievement. You should be a little more comfortable winning with any team after completing the challenges, but using a team you're better with will increase the chances of you winning by mercy rule and increasing your strikeouts. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89146-lo.jpg Sweep City 80:gsicon: Win the World Series without ever losing a Postseason game. Can be done in Playoff mode, or Seasons mode after making the playoffs. Use a good team and just win all games through the World Series. Again, if you find yourself losing late in the game, quit out and then start again to make sure you go undefeated. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89147-lo.jpg Sandlot Pro 50:gsicon: Win by Mercy Rule against the CPU. Can be done in any mode. To obtain this, you'll need to be winning by 10 or more runs going into the top of ANY inning, or take a 10 run lead in the bottom of the inning if you're the home team. This should come in time when going for other achievements such as the "Mr. October" achievement, but if going for this specifically just pick a good team (or all-star team) and go for this in Exhibition mode against a team with bad pitchers (Astros, Rockies, Cubs) and score as many runs as possible. Note however, if doing this in Exhibition mode, make sure that it is set to a 9 inning game. http://www.xboxachievements.com/images/achievements/3119/89148-lo.jpg Target Locked 30:gsicon: Throw a CPU runner out at home with a Fast Throw from the outfield. Can be done in any mode. You can do this in a couple of ways: 1. By waiting for other players to get on base and then hope that someone gets a hit to one of your outfielders, or 2. when an opposing player hits it to your outfielder, hold the ball and let him round the bases until he starts heading home. If you go for option 2, you'll find the spot where you can just hold the ball with your outfielder but the base runner keeps going. Once one of those two items is met, press at the same time as pressing to throw the ball. It should come naturally when playing, but you can also use method 2 to go for this a little bit quicker.
  22. Overview: - Estimated achievement difficulty:5/10 - Offline: 16 [1000:gsicon:] - Online: 0 - Approximate amount of time to 1000:gsicon:: 30+ hours (depending on skill). Safe to expect 40+. - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 full season (52 games), 1 playoffs, and other mop-up season runs (varied in length) - Missable achievements: n/a - Does difficulty affect achievements: n/a - Unobtainable/glitched achievements: none, although online connection is required (see roadmap for more information) - Extra equipment needed: none Introduction: Welcome to RBI Baseball 14, a throw back to the NES game brought back to life on current hardware for a new look but old feel. RBI Baseball was designed to be an homage to the old game and maintain its two button configuration, while being centered around its easy and quick to play paradigm. You will find 3 play modes in RBI Baseball: Exhibition, Seasons and Playoffs. Most of your play time will be spent in Seasons mode because of length, and the R.B.I. Challenges can only be done in this mode. One important thing to note in regards to achievements: you MUST be connected to the internet while playing, as towards the end of the game it will attempt to connect to the leaderboards, where if this connection fails then no stats from the game are kept. This can effect single game achievements as well and can also happen even if you are connected (rarely, but can happen). Unfortunately there's no real way to determine when this error will occur, but generally you want to try to play through without long pauses (e.g. don't pause the game, walk away, then come back and attempt to play as it seems the connection will fail afterwards), and make sure you don't lose connection to Xbox live during the game. Also, if you receive this error at the end of a game, quit of the RBI Baseball completely before trying to play more games. Roadmap to 1000: Gameplay: Regarding gameplay, there are some controls that aren't documented very well that will help out: Pitching - Pressing will pitch the ball, but pressing down on the analog or will throw a fastball, pressing up on analog or will throw what is essentially a knuckleball, and just pressing will throw a changeup. Use different speeds as well as change directions both before and after you've thrown the pitch to keep hitters off kilter and increase your strikeouts as you play. Hitting - Pressing will swing. Pressing down on the analog stick while swinging will hit fly balls (and homeruns - use primarily with your power hitters) and pressing up on the analog stick will hit a ground ball. Try to match your hitter up in relation to where the pitcher is on the mound (e.g. if they move all the way right, you move all the way right), and note what trajectory the ball takes during the pitch to line up the ball with the "sweet spot" of the bat (the spot between the thin part of the bat and the end of the bat) for maximum results. Fielding - For ease of use and speed in going for achievements, turn Assisted Fielding on under the Settings menu. That way the players will field manually, however you will still be on the hook for throwing after they have fielded. To do this, press and hold the direction on either your analog stick or d-pad to throw to the respective base. Pressing the direction on the d-pad as well as at the same time will do a "fast throw", which is required for one of the achievements "Target Locked". Also note that just pressing (with no direction) to throw will result the ball being thrown to first base. Path to 1000: I would suggest first attempting to complete 4 R.B.I. Challenges in Seasons mode, which will get you "Worthy Challenger" (as well as a couple single game achievements most likely). At that point, pick which team you prefer (making sure to pick a national league team so you have more chances to attempt "Top to Bottom" if you don't have it already, and a team with a R.B.I. challenge you haven't completed yet) and head into your full season playthrough for "Mr. October". Keep an eye out for any other single game achievements that you might be able to get during this (such as "Sandlot Pro", "Target Locked", "Maximum Squeeze", "Batting Around", "Eye on the Ball", "Perfection in the Work" and "Old School") Next, head into your playoffs playthrough either by continuing your season, or by using Playoff mode to obtain the "Sweep City" achievement. Go for any single game achievements you haven't received already through your Seasons playthrough. Note you can also do this concurrently as your Seasons playthrough if you'd like a break in the monotony of Seasons mode. Mop-Up: Finally go for any single game achievements you haven't gotten by using Exhibition mode, and also finish up the grind for "Power and Precision", "Slam Master", "Strikeout King" and "Name of the Game" if you haven't gotten those already.
  23. Good call man, I didn't really think about it like that. Both my wife and I were like "wtf is up with this guy?" +1 on Eugene as well.
  24. Devil May Cry 4. I kind of knew it going in that I wasn't going to be good enough to get most of the achievements, but I was still a little disappointed in how few I managed. PGR 3. No way I was going to get platinum on most of the races, much less all of them. Any of the Guitar Hero games. The most deflating thing about those is I can play on expert, but there was always a song or two that was just going to be impossible to get achievements for (Raining Blood, Through the Fire and Flames, etc). The difficulty jump at the end of those is just absurd. Honorable mention to Afro Samurai. I got stuck on one of the bosses and just never went back. I imagine that I could probably pick it back up and beat it, but it certainly made me stop playing it. I even liked that game quite a bit just was in the middle of one of the GSL's on this site and just never got around going back to it. Another honorable mention to the Armored Core games, to master them takes a huge amount of skill, but I just didn't have the dedication to continue to try and get to that point, and no way was I going to jump into the online stuff. I think I could have gotten there at one point maybe, but it would've taken more than I would've cared to spend to do so.
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