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    I'm Chris. Regular old Chris.
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    Nottingham, UK
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    yawn click my link.
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    Recently made redundant. Go economy! w00t!

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  1. Got your message a good 5 months late, but HELLO! :D

  2. Hey dude :D

    Thought i'd say hello seeing as i saw you in the DoW forum lol


  3. chrisnottm


    I did i forgot i made a backup last week lol All back to normal except IE is broke and wont open but to be honest i can live with that =] Bit of a scare though lol
  4. chrisnottm


    I've done everything i can except formatting because i cant find the disk and im getting 404's constantly now... lol. And my FF just gives me a blank page no matter what i type in. I downloaded s&d, put it on a usb thing and tried to install it on the virus-clad laptop but it needs to connect and gets a 404 from the server. Any ideas? =[
  5. chrisnottm


    It's not that old to be honest the one with the virus is just an upgrade to this one =] I found a few malicious bits and bobs if this makes any sense to anybody,i got pp10.exe installed by just visiting here and another one which has slipped my mind now but basically constantly redirects you aswell as a bunch which got mass deleted. I'm having to reinstall IE just to see if i can get it to work again, not my day today lol.
  6. chrisnottm


    lol no no I went away, came back and now i have the virus. I've had to dig out my old laptop because the other one just wont load webpages now and if it actually does, i get redirected to ads and the 'back' button gets disabled... sigh lol
  7. chrisnottm


    I've been using this laptop for about 6 months now with no problems and i haven't been visiting this site because I got bored of my 360 but i started playing again which means i had to come back. the second i arrived at the site the laptop shut down and had a bunch of errors, i rebooted to find http://img26.imageshack.us/i/virusq.png/ Aswell as that 'error' when i try to visit ANY site it blocks the site and makes me look at ads instead... I'm changing all my passwords and all that jazz, I just thought it needed mentioning =/ Good to be back lol. Edit: it also installed the "PC Protection 2009" after the shutdown too which you can see in the picture...
  8. I found this useful thing for you. It's in B3. http://i135.photobucket.com/albums/q149/chrisnottm/map_2048_85_percent_jpeg_compressio.jpg
  9. Hmm I suppose i'll ask another question while this is unlocked. Where is the Skull Skavenger on the Obsidian Trail?! There's an Imp and two Spiders. Then an exit to a new area. I'm confused.
  10. Same thing happened to me. What I did was to go and hire a couple of people from the Guild before I began the quest, made it so much easier. I'm assuming you haven't already though...
  11. So I followed the guide's advice. I didn't fight anything I didn't have to. Now I'm in the Catacombs in Elysion just after the Conquerer bound the Arc. I dodged my way to the end but there's a door guarded by 4 of those pink things with the bad skin and floppy ears, i'm now BR8 because I went a little way back and killed some things to try and beat the guarding ones. I can't do it ¬_¬ How did you guys do this game without training your characters at the start?? I have 3 Units, they have around 900hp each but HAVING to link these 4 things, then fight 7 units at the same time, who do 300+ damage each is impossible. Impossible I tell you lol. Edit: Also, am I near the point I get Caedmon and can go level my shit up? Help! Edit 2: I'm a jackass. Just use bloody Timeshift and fight them individually. Mods can lock this now lol.
  12. Do yourself a favour, BUY Lost Odyssey. It's really cheap nowadays anyway. I have 960G on it and I'm gonna start a new game so I can get 1000 then buy the DLC You get a real sense of accomplishment when your first immortal learns EVERY skill lol. It's a brilliant game to try and 100% and there are no online achievements unless you count downloading DLC as online achievements...
  13. I remember laughing like a drunk schoolgirl at KYnYourEye for some reason.
  14. Lol I just watched that. I don't mean to sound like a twat but notice how everyone featured was either a young child or had young children that played the games? And that machine they used to replicate a book being dropped? It was like the jackhammer thing from Unreal Tournament 3 lol it shook the xbox so violently to get the results they wanted...
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