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  1. Looking for three other people to do the sub level 13 achievement i am on right now my gamertag is S100482 send me a message if interested
  2. i had the same problem went onto ww.xbox.com and went to error and status code search at the bottom i clicked on contact us then clicked xbox 360 then under other popular topics i clicked downloadable content then i clicked chat with Microsoft support then talked to them after them trying to figure it out they had me download both games separately and gave me money back for both games hope this helps anyone with this problem
  3. last achievement i need so if anyone could help i would appricate it GT:S100482
  4. just got the update and once i loaded up my save i got the three achievements that i needed to finish the dlc also i went from 61 to 69
  5. I think the only condition is that it has to be 5 minute quarters b/c i tried one and it didnt work and when I switched it to 5 it popped right away which is going to suck for association having to play 30 games also i tried the 3 point contest with me controlling all the players and didnt get the achievement but when i played againts 3 cpu players and won i got it so i dont know if the same goes for the slam dunk contest
  6. Was wondering if you were still willing to help out with the dont stop believin achievement if so my gamertag is S100482
  7. looking for people to do the crew achievement need 1 or 2 people send me a message my gamertag is S100482
  8. looking for 2 people to boost team survivors tonight 6/28 at 7:30 pm send me a message if you want in
  9. looking for 3 people to do the online achievements my gamer tag is S100482
  10. thanks the guide helped alot the way i beat shredder was i used leo and would hit x and then back on the joystick then foward x
  11. still looking for three people to do team slayer and team survivor and the score 80,000 in team survivor send me a message my gamertag is S100482
  12. looking for 2 people to boost the team slayer wins and team survivor achievements with also need the 80000 in team survivor send me a message my gamer tag is S100482
  13. was wondering if anybody wanted to do the online achievements i just want to make sure i can find someone before i pay the 800 mp so i can finish this stupid game send a message of friend request to S100482
  14. If I am not mistaken you have to beat the hero's level 3 to play the villan's level's
  15. thank you very much i thought i was going to have to start the game over
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