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    There's a city in my mind.
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    The land of the 4-shot iced tea.
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    Completion, debating, gaming, and calzord
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    You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

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  1. hi.extrachars.

  2. hihttp://google.com

  3. Hello old friend

  4. I'm like, morbidly curious if anyone has died from the olden days. It's a creepy though, haha.


    Are we friends on Xbox Live? I haven't perused my friends list in a while, as it's my least used console, but we should get down on something.


    Fingers crossed Birky is alive!

  5. I'm still on XBL, not nearly as much as I used to. Haven't really spoken to anyone in ages, reason I was on here in the first place was to look up the contact info Birky PMed me ages ago, I'm gonna be in his neck of the woods next week and wanted to hang out. No dice though, I'm actually mildly concerned that he might be dead.

  6. Hahaha yes! You know I have ya jerk! Oddly, I actually have two copies of the damn thing.


    You gaming still?


    HMU on PSN/XBL/Steam. Let's get down on the get down! Do you keep in contact with anyone else from the forums?

  7. Did you ever watch Repo?

  8. Hey, it's not my fault that I don't want to spend any more time in this graveyard than I absolutely have to. :p


    I just came on to look through old PMs, was trying to find some contact info someone sent me years ago.

  9. fine.


    don't be too excited to hear from me.



  10. Alright.



  11. omg you're alive.


    how have you been sweetcheeks?

  12. Hi, and also ten characters.

  13. h-h-hello?

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