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  1. hihttp://google.com

  2. I'm still on XBL, not nearly as much as I used to. Haven't really spoken to anyone in ages, reason I was on here in the first place was to look up the contact info Birky PMed me ages ago, I'm gonna be in his neck of the woods next week and wanted to hang out. No dice though, I'm actually mildly concerned that he might be dead.

  3. Did you ever watch Repo?

  4. Hey, it's not my fault that I don't want to spend any more time in this graveyard than I absolutely have to. :p


    I just came on to look through old PMs, was trying to find some contact info someone sent me years ago.

  5. Alright.



  6. Hi, and also ten characters.

  7. Marx0r

    The Aurora Borealis?


    At this time of year?


    At this time of day?


    In this part of the country?


    Localized entirely within your kitchen?

  8. Wait, I thought you lived in Arizona.

  9. So, do you still work at Disney World? Because I'm at Disney World right now.

  10. Off of x360a. Did you ever watch Repo!?

  11. It could also mean that they've sent the completed patch to Microsoft for certification, MS can take ages to put through a patch. For example, the patch for Tinker took something like a month to be certified.
  12. Blood For The Blood God!

  13. Oh man, your birthday's tomorrow?!

  14. A Dutch weed thief.

  15. Did you know if you change an S to a P and switch around the letters in your gamertag, you get "Sappho"?

  16. How did everyone get the death by rocket? I started up a new game to work on the 25 from scratch, and I cannot get anything to count as a rocket death. Flocket, Rocket, Homing, co-op and PvP, nothing works.
  17. Real easiest way: Get into a chopper. You can still hit checkpoints with it, just take your time around the staircases at the beginning and it's a breeze.
  18. I'm at 24/25 and cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm missing. I did the headshot in PvP and I got killed by a mounted turret and still nothing. I've done pretty much everything that can be done in PvP, as well as everything again in campaign. Nothing. The only thing I can possibly think of are the Pounder freaks. Do I have to get killed by the gigantic ones in the Shai-Gen beacon zones, or do the midsize ones that appear when "my actions stirred up a freak shitstorm" work?
  19. Leaderboards aren't a "game, contest, or promotion" and even if they were, Microsoft doesn't have any kind of official leaderboard.
  20. To my knowledge, I haven't been flagged or been barred from earning points in the games I took off. Even if I was, that doesn't necessarily mean I broke Terms of Use, just that Microsoft decided to flag/bar me. If you want to change the rules of the site a year and a half after the fact, apply them retroactively, and ban me from the 100k club and leaderboards, fine. I'll cancel the subscription I've kept for the last 3 years, scale back my already spare activity on the site, and let you run this site as unfairly as you want. But don't call me a cheater. I've never broken any rule on this site or on Xbox LIVE, and I never will. And I'm far from the only person on the site that's used the glitch. To my knowledge, there's at least two current staff members that did as well, as well as a few past and current seniors and subscribers. Would you remove them if I gave you their names or am I a special case because someone else decided to mention my completion percentage in the 100k forum?
  21. Show me where "using a system glitch to modify your gamerscore in any way" is written down as being against the rules of this site or Microsoft's Terms of Use. I spent days reading and re-reading every applicable rule before I used that glitch, and ultimately decided it was fair and legal. I'm not about to let anyone call me a cheater and discount thousands of hours of work unless they can back their argument up.
  22. Can we talk about this whole thing on msn or something? I never broke Microsoft's Terms of Use, and I never broke the "NO GAMESAVERS/HACKERS/ACCOUNT TRADERS" rule the site has. The tutorial thread for the glitch was never deleted or locked, implying x360a's approval. I really don't see how what I did was any different than someone who used the Dashboard glitch for Left 4 Dead or the Level Select glitch in Gun. I've been a subscribing and contributing member for years, and it's completely unfair to railroad me without letting me present my end of the argument. I'll take my tag off my profile, as you requested, for the time being.
  23. I attempted to compete in the GSL by making a mad dash to 100k with Jericho, Spiderman: FoF, and Backyard Football. Finished them all as well as Bully for 127 completed games, 100k gamerscore, and 100% completion. And I was reminded why I quit scorewhoring, the last 22 hours were absolutely horrible.
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