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  1. Hey i am looking for someone to complete the Remaining Online Stuff. My Timezone is GMT 1+ Send me a Message over Live if you are intrested.
  2. I am currently playing this. I make Sessions over at TA, feel free to join. Timezone is GMT +1
  3. The lower Teams disliked me too. Tough i one my first Championship with Virgin in my second Session. I am now in my third Session with Red Bull, no other offers. So dont get too much into this. EDIT : ...2012
  4. City Cobra

    The Glitch

    Hey there. Is it still possible to use the Glitch ? And what Achievements can you unlock with it ? Online or only Offline ones ? Regards Cobra
  5. Hey there. I am looking forward on completing all the DLC. Send me a Message on Live so we can setup a Session. GT : City Cobra
  6. Iam looking for some one who wants to run trough Pro Mode. I could do it alone, but CO-OP is much more fun. I play the PC Version. GT : City Cobra
  7. Using the Cheats is pointless anyway. If you activate them, the CPU Boxer has it too. Say you activate Unlimited Stamina then he has it too.
  8. I only need Team Player, but cant find enough players to do this. EDIT : If someone is intrested... http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=150013 http://www.trueachievements.com/gamingsession.aspx?gamingsessionid=150014
  9. Hey everyone, i need someone who is willing to share the FIFA Fever to me please. GT : City Cobra
  10. Hi Guys, i just started the Game. If you are intrested in teaming up for the 1000 Matches, let send me a Message on Live or at ta.com Iam GMT +1 Greetz Cobra
  11. The method from the Video worked just fine ! I really got pissed off after 10 trys by doing it the way it meant to be. Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys,iam searching for 2 People or 1 with 2 Copies of the Game who wanna boost "My Hero Zero" I got 2 Copies of the Game. Send me a Message on live with FRONT MISSION subject if you are intrested. Greetz Cobra
  13. Looking for 3 other People to do ZERO HERO. Iam also on trueachivements.com GT : City Cobra
  14. Anyone up for doing the Challenges,send me a Message ? GMT +1 GT : City Cobra PS You also can find me hosting session on ta.com
  15. Who wants to do the 200 finishes with a Ferrari,contact me. GT : City Cobra
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