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  1. Nice guide for this one........might have missed one or two of them on my own
  2. I am curious if anyone has gotten it with only letting main player get the chips since it is a complete fluke on where it drops??
  3. I have tried different things with people to get this........and yes it is a complete fluke on getting it. What I can suggest as I have seen 3 people get it, is get all 5 chips and just drop them from the start. Not sure if waiting to drop them matters, but the ones I seen get it, that is all we did.
  4. Hopefully it does come back out.......but if it does I think it should be available on both systems.
  5. Game is a very easy completion with the exception of the time you have to put in for driving 1000 miles........as many people are mentioning, lol!!
  6. I can confirm the two controller method does work and you don't have to shoot with the spaceship, you can do it with just the turret........I did it with just over a minute left on my time!!!
  7. Looking to boost with someone for this achievement, please leave me a message if you want to boost for this and I will add you.
  8. This was very well done......my only downside is I am only missing 1 student and have looked high and low and can't find him and looking at the list I probably passed one but have been going batty trying to figure out which one i missed.........just hoping I don't have a glitch on mine.(doubt it)
  9. I think search and destroy is the quickest way to go up as long as you know what you are doing. It took me over 20 days to hit it, but I mainly played hardcore TDM so I could upgrade my weapons quicker.
  10. I am looking to boost for the Blue Ribbon achievement, if you are interested send me an invite. I am only on late night though as I work evenings.
  11. 1. I come to the site to check on the news for upcoming games and to check on how to get any missing achievements I may have, as well as checking them off. 2. I would like to see the leaderboards including anyone on this site so you can see where you are in the ranks and not have to join other sites to show your completion totals.
  12. Looking for some people to boost the four player ranked achievement.
  13. I am looking to boost on this game, if there is someone who wants to add me and we will get some time going.
  14. The most I can say about this is that R.B.I Baseball is on here and has been on here for awhile........but I don't know about you, but I still have yet to see it on the marketplace.
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