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  1. Does anyone still play this? I could use a coop partner to run through the campaigns.
  2. For those of you who participated in the closed beta, have you noticed an achievement titled Dungeon Master was removed and replaced with the achievement titled Transcend? When I view my achievements via the Xbox Live guide, I still show Dungeon Master as locked however Transcend is not even listed. Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm trying to find out if I will be able to unlock the Transcend achievement. At this time I'm not at the required level to test and quite a few game hours away. It is also worth mentioning that I have downloaded all updates and have played as recently as November 5th.
  3. Looking to do all the multiplayer achievements. gt: digitai ink
  4. Well you are lucky. It is a little more wide-spread this just me since I came across other people who had the same issue by doing an online search. On an interesting note, after I completed the prologue again, I gained access to chapter select which shows me having already completed both chapters six and seven.
  5. So I was about half way through the campaign (Chapter 4 or 5) on Very Hard when I noticed a news bot I killed had reset back to 1/??. I shrugged it off and continued on. After I completed the campaign no achievements popped and chapter select is greyed out. So I did some searching on the web and noticed this seems to be a trend and caused by a title update. What I can't find however is a fix or a prevention. Do I need to play the entire game offline? I don't want the same thing to happen again. Has anyone who experienced this issue figured out any solution?
  6. Looking to get the DLC achievements and gold medals for every level in The Pacific. I have a level 11 trench and don't need carried, but I can't do it alone.
  7. Looking to complete all arena achievements. I'm almost always online. I have a level 38 Sam B and have yet to touch any of the other three characters.
  8. looking to pair with people for both squad and guerrilla mode achievements. I have 1 level 50 character and a over a 1.3 k/d ratio.
  9. Just wanted to start a thread for strategies to be shared for Planechase, the new game mode added to Magic 2013. Participating in a four player free for all, you must be the last planeswalker standing. To add to the confusion, each player also has the ability to roll a die that can take the battle to a different plane that has its on unique properties. As a casual player, I don't use some of the games more competitive decks (Celestial Light, Dream Puppets etc.) and tend to stick with Obedient Dead or Pack Instinct. However, I have found the planes deck to work against me every time I make progress instead of using it to work in my favour. For those of you that excel in this game mode what tips and tricks can you share with those of us who struggle?
  10. While this is a great tactic to almost guarantee the achievement, I also wanted to add that Bolas in both campaigns uses a lot of milling spells and while using the Dream Puppets deck you can easily run him dry. So not only will you get the Savor the Moment achievement, you will beat one of the game's tougher opponents.
  11. For those of you who have leveled up multiple characters and don't want to reset your ranks, I have used a method which I didn't notice mentioned on here yet. (Apologizes if I over looked.) I for one could not be bothered to try and navigate with four controllers simultaneously. When I did try, I was taking too long and losing my multiplier. Instead of going through the entire level that way, most levels have a boss (Not the Cloud), who when taken down just below half of their health, will spawn endless enemies for you to kill. By using extra controllers at this point and keeping the boss alive you will have no trouble earning the require amount for gold.
  12. Are there people doing this? I reset my rank due to the Tooled Up Glitch and I'm trying to get back up to level 39 and quick as possible.
  13. Would like to set something up for tomorrow (Sunday) to get 'Better When Shared'. Looking for three people to do this. Shouldn't take too long as I'm sure by now, most of us can run through these levels with little effort. Just reply in this thread if you want to participate. 1. digitai ink 2. 3. 4. 5. (backup spot)
  14. Anyone interested in playing this game with me? In addition to the multiplayer achievement I could use help with completing level ten and keep the vehicle health above 75%. just send me a message if you're interested. i'll be off and on all weekend. gt: digitai ink
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