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  1. Full play through of the game on expert with time stamps for of the collectibles. [ame] [/ame]
  2. Delete the dlc. Load up the game and redownload the dlc ingame. Will have to do that everytime until they patch it.
  3. He can appear at the start of the Infin-ID layer so don't waste time going through checkpoints. If he doesn't show up in the first 2-3 minutes just die and start again.
  4. The update for the win 8 version is out now. The mouse now registers when trying to kill enemies and you can also layer select.
  5. I contacted press play about the issue. They are going to be releasing an update soon that will fix the mouse problem. Happens to some people and not others.
  6. Great guide. Finally able to play this on wp and w8.
  7. I posted on Battlelog, but never got a response. Best thing to try is contact a dice employee on twitter.
  8. Air superiority now works on the Xbox 360.
  9. Two of the achievements for second assault dlc don't unlock on the Xbox One. The achievements are Risky Business-Kill an enemy flag holder while carrying your team's flag in CTF and Blind Bomber-In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman. My friends and I have done the requirements several times with no luck.
  10. Not sure about other people, but I ended up having a problem with having it register for both consoles. I contacted Xbox support and they did something that made it register for both.
  11. I'm not 100% sure but I spoke to EA customer support about this and I was told that premium purchases are linked to origin accounts so if you are premium on 360 it counts for Xbox one as well. He didn't tell me there was a cut off date. When I check my BF4 profile on battlelog it says I'm premium for 360 and one.
  12. Blind Bomber is part of the second assault DLC, but the achievement is glitched. Also, the Risky Business achievement is glitched as well.
  13. The capture the flag achievement and the one for 5 air vehicle kills are glitched at the moment.
  14. Those achievements are for China raising dlc which is out December 3rd.
  15. Looking to do the second assault dlc achievements. Message me on Xbox or post here if you want to play. Edit:Finished the dlc other than the 2 glitched achievements. Thanks to the people I played with.
  16. Great guide and fun game. Thanks.
  17. Just a heads up. They want you to do a combo using all 3 buttons. This achievement is not for doing a trick with each button while in the air at one time. A couple of friends and I manged to figure out how to do an X combo. To do it you have to hold X and press left,right left or right, left, right etc. The game needs to actually say combo at the top. It will be green and when you land there will be lightning sparks. We have no idea how to do Y or B. We tried the same method but no luck so far.
  18. Event 27 is up. Lightning round execution gives a special event ribbon.
  19. The controller update isn't that great. At times when you run the character freezes up and the aiming is crap.
  20. DLC release will be announced during the live stream on Monday.
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