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  1. Happy Easter Ladies Luv.

  2. GT- ELxELxCOOLxJAY Good luck everyone
  3. I think its all who actually puts bullets in him. Dont quote me on it though. I still have not got it
  4. I have tried this like 20 times now. I get upto wave 7 and he never turns up. Most of the time my 1 crawling Zombie dies then i get raped by the next wave. I never get the death machine and rarely insta kill. Tend to run out of ammo and points after going up and down in the Lift too
  5. I got Sally likes Blood by loading up the first level 'Operation 40' and as soon as the door opens and you can run out on the street theres a group of citizens to the right shoot in there and you should get it. You will fail the mission for shooting them but its ok you have your checkpoint. Same as if you dont get it, just start from that checkpoint. I found that online somewhere but i cant remember where.
  6. That Woods Outfit is awesome I usually have a male Avatar as they have better clothing. But that is coooooool. Thanks for that......... Great find!
  7. Well I just played through Executive Order on Veteran and after doing so the Cold Warrior and Black Ops Master achievements both unlocked Not sure how it could skip just that one level on Veteran. Screwed up game it is :@ But Hopefully all you guys having trouble like OP, many others and myself will be able to get these bugged cheevies Good Luck.
  8. No i had the same problem. I didnt get the Cold Warrior achievement, which is Operation 40, Vorkuta and Executive Order. Also Complete on veteran. But i know i didnt change the difficulty at all. I also know i selected veteran and the game treated it as Veteran as when i stuck my ass out one bullet and dead
  9. Well, you could always go with the Asian stereotypes, and they'd probably be true. I'm as stubborn as can be when it comes down to it. :p

  10. Well I would not know...... All i do know is that you are Asian :p

  11. Well, I can have a big mouth at times, though I don't see that as a fault.... :p


    I'll let you decide on that one, I have such favoritism when it comes to describing me... :p

  12. Hahahaha :p


    Your arms? You either have a really big mouth or just no hands?

  13. Thanks? I've never had anyone compliment my coughs before.... :p


    I'd like to think not, but maybe that's my optimism speaking. Don't worry though, I'll cover it with my arms next time. :p

  14. Hey FitBit :)


    How are you? When will we game together :(

  15. Nice one :)


    Is it contagious?

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