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  1. Heh, I was going to ask you how KOF 13 and SSFIV were coming along but I looked on your tag and you haven't played either of them.

  2. "My Profile" has now been updated correctly, however, one of the games has a grey question mark in place of the game's picture tile. I know that's probably not a very good description, but take a look at my profile and you'll see what I mean. Any idea why this might be happening?
  3. I just took a look at "My Profile" and have found that I'm experiencing the same problems - my 100% clubs and games played not updating or displaying properly.
  4. Mace Charge was slightly nerfed in the 1.04 patch, released on June 4. Quoting from the patch notes, "Hawkgirl’s Mace Charge attack had its block advantage reduced to -4. The Mace Charge Meter Burn is now an overhead attack and hits crouching opponents more consistently." To make things a little easier on yourself, delete the game update. This will benefit you by not only restoring Mace Charge to a more powerful move, but also by taking away certain buffs the patches gave to other characters as well. Also delete all the DLC characters except for Lobo, as I found them to be difficult to fight and they won't be fooled by Mace Charge spam.
  5. I hope this is true. I wasn't very excited about the first batch of DLC characters, but Batgirl is awesome so I have faith that they'll do a great job with whatever characters they choose to add.
  6. I play Ranked all the time. I wonder if it's having trouble finding a match for you because of where you live or the time you're searching? I know Player Match is generally more popular because you can rematch your opponent, but I never have to wait for than a minute to get a match in Ranked.
  7. Both Scorpion's Super Move and his teleports hit Mid, so simply crouch to block them instead of worrying about trying to block left-right. He's tough to fight now because he's new. I'd rather fight someone messing around with a new Scorpion than some of the Deahtstrokes out there. I managed to get a 15 game win streak on ranked yesterday after an hour or so practicing punishing Scorpion's blocked teleports in training mode.
  8. I didn't like the demo at all, but I'm loving the game. I only buy a few games a year and fighting games are the only ones I'll pay full price for, because I gotta have it on Day 1. I would gladly pay full price for it again.
  9. Finally got it this morning using the Hawkgirl method. I got lucky and managed to beat Lex Luthor and Aquaman. So glad that's over with.
  10. I paid retail. Pre-ordered it from Amazon. I think it was worth it. Value is subjective like that.
  11. Doing the MET transitions and unlocking Batman Beyond for the ios game counts as obtaining a Batman card, which will unlock Batman Beyond for the console version as well.
  12. I was having that problem this morning, but it logged me in automatically after I had been playing for awhile. I assume it's a problem with their servers.
  13. Anybody want to boost this with me? Send me a msg.
  14. I don't know what the Girl Power challenge is, although I did unlock it. It might be something like "win x number of times with a girl character." I play as Harley and just did a bunch of online matches the day before it unlocked, so that could have been it. I'm at least a little comforted to see that I'm not the only one who hasn't unlocked any character portraits for logging in to the game. I've been logging out and logging in almost daily trying to get them to unlock. Also, Harley's Mallet hasn't unlocked for me, which it should have at level 25. I'm now somewhere around level 48. EDIT: I logged out of WBID this morning on the ios game and am not able to log back in. I checked the website and it's down for maintenance. Maybe they're updating it and fixing the issues?
  15. Thanks so much! I'm not a big fan of the default skins for Joker or Catwoman, so these skins will help out a great deal.
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