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  1. Hey thanks for the guide. Brutal details. But I really want to know is that if I follow the game pressure walkthru, will that pop all achievements?
  2. Wow yeah way too many complexities here for my liking. I will be waiting for a text guide for all achievements, like the one for Episode 1.
  3. So is there a way to go back to get stuff you missed in previous levels? Or do you have to grab everything the entire time. I swear there was a level with a bunch of stuff I couldnt access because 2 big dudes stuck in cement were blocking the path
  4. Thanks for the great guide. WOrked well on first game for me, and so far on this one. Really appreciate your work I have a few clarifications that could be added, as I got hung up in a few places: 1) When activating the mechanical heart. You refer to "the first quadrant". I was confused which you were talking about. In math, quadrant one is the upper right. That didnt work, so I figured you meant upper left. Nope. Turns out, you meant LOWER LEFT. Maybe say that instead of the first one. 2) At end of Act 1, you refer to go back "Barsky Brother's", but that was never mentioned in your guide anywhere else I dont think. After a bit, I figured you meant the fenced area with the guys that had the petrol can. Maybe add that hint into the text. 3) Also you mention just to go back to that Bersky areas and to use the Fish Candy, but you don't say what to do with it. I figured use it on one of the brothers, but couldnt find them. You should specify to use it on the SLEEPING DOG. 4) Maybe you can do thru and bold every ITEM/PERSON in the text, just to make it easier not to miss anything. The paragraph structure works OK, but bullets could be better. Anyways, using bold should help with this 5)
  5. Just maybe a small correction. For me, Scene 9 was part of Chapter 3. I had to do the shooting scene before the Old Enemy achievement popped.
  6. Yeah it be good to make a list of ones that work. I can confirm Rabbids Go Phone only crashes. Also, I can find all the games on my 520. Did you try searching them? Splinter Cell is delisted, so you wont be able to get it. The games cant be delisted.
  7. skeptical. this happened before. they briefly appears on WP8. And have always been on WP10. More than likely store glitch. broken game that are still broken. Someone can test it and see if Rabbids Go Phone even launches (it wont on WP8/10). Or if Harvest is 90% broken and crashes in cut scenes.
  8. Could Jefferson somehow be Nathans father? It seems he only is ever referenced in letters and messages.,..
  9. I beat first episode and I didn't get this achievement? ----------- Chaos Theory 55 Finish Episode 3: Chaos Theory Simple as. Play through the first episode to completion. ------------ WTF!
  10. Some changes I saw that can be made, looking through! Real Soccer 2013 is a free game. It is not $2.99. I made a guide for Tiny Plane. should be published. Delisted games: Fling, FIFA 13, FIFA 14, Asphalt 5, NFs Undercover, REal Football, Real Soccer, zumas Revenge Ms Splosion Man is WP7 only. Lets Golf 2 is listed at top and in delisted section. Also, With Windows 10, you can redownload any old games you had purchased, even if they are delisted.
  11. Any installed windows 8 games transfer to Win 10, but be warned of automatic updates, like the one with Solitaire. It took the Win 8 version and updated to Win 10, making those achievements unattainable (unless you rollback or use different device). Many Win 8 games are not available in the Win 10 store yet. Presumably they will trickle in soon, but for now, they are not available. You can play them if you already got them from Win 8 before upgrading though.
  12. It has not yet be confirmed whether games will have stackable achievement lists anymore across platforms. Some developers came out and said that lists would be shared, and not stackable (like fable legends), but they may just be confusing the true achievement hunter definitions. There may be a single list for games that are available on Win 10 and WP10, and xbox one as well. My thoughts are that it will be up to the devs to do what they want. There probably wont be any guidelines for this. windows 8 has cross-buy for several games, and the lists are still separate. So even though Xbox one/Win 10 will be cross-buy, that doesn't mean no stacking. For the Win 8 question, in the example of solitaire, If you upgrade to windows 10 AND update the MS solitaire in the store, it will morph into the Win 10 version. The win 8 version will be gone and you will have the new achievements active. However, if you rolled back to Win 8 and redownloaded the game, you could get the Win 8 achievements again. You could also just keep a dedicated Win 8 device. This was the first game, so not sure if this is the normal or exception.
  13. Good news: You can download all the delisted games you purchased before! edit: you need windows 10 mobile
  14. Thanks. Removed from the guide. Upped difficulty from 2/10 to 3/10. Is that appropriate? Havent played in years
  15. despite what the last update claimed, it didn't add cross save from phone to PC, only between PC apparently. Game troopers are working to get this sorted though apparently. Just what I heard from friends. If you are ambitious, you can macro PC version an have it done in less than 4 hours.
  16. how do i get cross saves to work? I got the recent update on my phone, then loaded up Win 8 version, and no achievements or progress syncs? is there option to load save?
  17. one mistake i found in move guide so far. will post any more Level 2-5 Within 17 Moves: , , , , Lower Right Secret Door, , , Lower Left Secret Door, , , , , , , , , Collect Briefcase: , , , , Lower Right Secret Door, , , , , , , Lower Right Secret Door, , , , , Upper Left Secret Door, , , Upper Right Secret Door, , , , , , , Lower Right Secret Door, , , Upper LEFT Secret Door, , , , , , , Upper Right Secret Door, , , Level 3-2 Collect Briefcase: , , , , , , , , Shoot Lower Spot, , , , , Use Secret Door, *ADD DOWN MOVEMENT HERE TOO*, , , , , , , , ,
  18. Great guide with in depth solutions. Only thing I noticed was you say the game is "freemium" in the title, but in fact, it costs $5. I can understand your confusion with every single recent game for the last year being freemium trash. haha
  19. Sure if I remember I will submit them. They have some minor edits that need to be done since the game was patched a few times (made it more grindy) after I wrote the guide.

  20. Is their a good method to grind credits? Like on Spartan Assault you could earn 900 credits by playing A-1 with Hollow and Black Eye skulls active in less than 90 seconds.
  21. Did this fix itself? Or have to replay it all ?
  22. Thanks for the info. Are you certain they are required to pop the achievements? When the game launched there was definitely 2 levels, but it seems the game was updated with new content. Usually the new content isnt required for the original achievements, but it may not be the case here if you can confirm.
  23. They have at least three more games in the pipeline. Coming to both windows platforms in next six months. EDIT: Here is some more info on the games... http://xboxmobilegamer.com/tiny-troopers-imminent-for-windows-8-three-more-titles-in-the-pipeline/
  24. Yeah funny after they said spread the word, the don't respond anymore. Maybe the issue was too much to support anymore. Maybe every single player has the issue in one form or another. It is a joke!
  25. Just some of the things I have used it for: Grind coins on Babel Rising Too keep the phone from locking on Enigmo for 1 million drops Every single angry birds Gravity Guy 10 hours Anything with a time glitch, you can use it to advance the date of your phone one day, then go back to game, collect daily reward, then repeat. Play rounds in Snap attack / wordament Asphalt overdrive to grind coins by completing a simple level over and over Those are just some of my ideas. Cant really think of anymore
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