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    "He Was a Quiet Man, he mostly kept to himself..."
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  2. Are you really, really, really, ridiculously good looking? [Link] :francis:

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  4. Hi Doktor Wilhelm!


    Here's a quick look at February's Community Gaming events.


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    Participating in events puts you into the monthly draw to win a $50 Microsoft Gift Card :D

  5. I actually have a problem with Level 23, every time I get a big score or get rid of the last Dark Fragment, the game shuts down...
  6. Is the Etheric Light upgrade actually need for the achievement? That seems rather crap, since it was only added as an option with the last DLC. But my best advice for getting some would be to play Iron Banner, which will be back next week (if Bungie's hints are being taken correctly). It should be rather easy just to reach Rank 3 on a character (or on all 3 characters), with just taking the Iron Banner buff and aiming to complete all of the Iron Banner bounties each day... In Destiny it is very good odds, specially when compared to the drop rate of anything/everything else.
  7. As much as he grates on me (he may actually be a nice guy, but everything I've seen of him just makes him seem like a total arse-hat), I don't think he actually said anything that wasn't a part of Bungie's Official stance on the subject, though he may have been a bit more 'open' with his wording than I'm sure that Bungie's PR would like.
  8. The "Bubble train" is not a cheat (or even an exploit), it is bad sportsmanship in PvP though.
  9. This article from Planet Destiny (And yes, it's been known that Skolas drops them): http://planetdestiny.com/updated-how-exotics-perks/
  10. I know how annoying this can be, specially given the fact that there's only two sets of exotic bounties, so it should be a 50/50 chance of getting one set or the other, but it feels like the ALitD/TL/ADT set is much more common than the TL/SM/AVitW set, also that Toland's Legacy is part of both sets is rubbish; since if you pick it up from one set and then get the chance at the other set; you only have 2 to pick from. I wish they would add more exotic bounties...
  11. It's a rumor of Future DLC, it may also be Destiny 1.5: http://www.destinypedia.com/Comet Edit: more info:
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