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  1. I actually have a problem with Level 23, every time I get a big score or get rid of the last Dark Fragment, the game shuts down...
  2. Is the Etheric Light upgrade actually need for the achievement? That seems rather crap, since it was only added as an option with the last DLC. But my best advice for getting some would be to play Iron Banner, which will be back next week (if Bungie's hints are being taken correctly). It should be rather easy just to reach Rank 3 on a character (or on all 3 characters), with just taking the Iron Banner buff and aiming to complete all of the Iron Banner bounties each day... In Destiny it is very good odds, specially when compared to the drop rate of anything/everything else.
  3. As much as he grates on me (he may actually be a nice guy, but everything I've seen of him just makes him seem like a total arse-hat), I don't think he actually said anything that wasn't a part of Bungie's Official stance on the subject, though he may have been a bit more 'open' with his wording than I'm sure that Bungie's PR would like.
  4. The "Bubble train" is not a cheat (or even an exploit), it is bad sportsmanship in PvP though.
  5. This article from Planet Destiny (And yes, it's been known that Skolas drops them): http://planetdestiny.com/updated-how-exotics-perks/
  6. I know how annoying this can be, specially given the fact that there's only two sets of exotic bounties, so it should be a 50/50 chance of getting one set or the other, but it feels like the ALitD/TL/ADT set is much more common than the TL/SM/AVitW set, also that Toland's Legacy is part of both sets is rubbish; since if you pick it up from one set and then get the chance at the other set; you only have 2 to pick from. I wish they would add more exotic bounties...
  7. It's a rumor of Future DLC, it may also be Destiny 1.5: http://www.destinypedia.com/Comet Edit: more info:
  8. I did this, using the Nissan GT-R, since it skates around like it's on ice, with liberal doses of the e-brake. This was an easier 1k than I thought it would be, I don't even know anything about racing games.
  9. Someone posted a map on the Xbone boards: http://www.xboxachievements.com/forum/showpost.php?p=6568657&postcount=6 (Hmm, I'm not sure that it works for the 360 version, since a few areas seem to be unaccessible!?)
  10. We'll find that out when/if it's released with the Trials of Osiris, as such it's just as subject to change as any of the data mined content.
  11. May as well join a Cargo Cult while you're at it: Handing in more than one Bounty per time doesn't raise the chance of receiving an Exotic Bounty, and neither does the type of bounty. The only way to improve your chance of receiving an exotic bounty is to complete all available bounties each day. Isn't available in game.
  12. As above, just give the demo a go, if you don't like that you'll definitely not like the main game. If you didn't like Halo because of its genre of Sci-fi you'll find that Destiny is much the same, specially with it's art style. As for Borderlands, the ('singleplayer') gameplay is more closely related to that than it is to Halo.
  13. Yep, specially since I now have way too much spinmetal and nothing to do with it, it would have been nice for 'cheating' a little bit of Faction Rep out of the system!
  14. You can't earn Marks in that way any longer. It's been very recently changed (as of Monday): that instead of being able to trade material for Rep/Marks, you are now able to trade Marks for Materials, so it seems that the achievement guide is outdated. I wish they had kept the old way in the game as well as adding in the new way.
  15. I'm happy that I managed to get the chest in the first Iron Banner, just a shame it's only 27 light and they didn't allow it's stats to be re-jiggered like the weapons. http://i.imgur.com/IxghibZ.png
  16. Yeah, the schedule that was data mined before the release of Destiny showed that it was due to return today, so it's likely someone forgot to remove the Iron Banner from what ever automated system they've in place for events. I wonder if they've got the IB fixes sorted out yet, or will we have to wait awhile until IB returns for real, I really wanted the Helmet/Boots for my Titan.
  17. All I need is for the Bounty guy to give me "A Voice in the Wilderness", since I've now got 3 Invective, 2 Bad Juju, 2 Thorn and a Pocket Infinity (all from Exotic Bounties). I wish there was Exotic bounties for all Exotic weapons (and for the exotic armor), as I do like the little bit of back story/lore/character that the exotic bounties add to the weapon, it actually feels like they are my weapons once I've been through the trials to gain them. I wonder when 'The Trials of Osiris' are going to be running (and if they will be as underwhelming as the Iron Banner has been), since that's likely when "An Unknown Patron" will be given to us, though I wonder how we'll receive it? (likely it'll be at the whim of the RNG, as is everything else)
  18. Wouldn't that mean that the announcer would have to die during every match!?
  19. Has anyone managed the get the (glitched) Dead Ghost from the dark area in Freehold Station on Mars? It'd be good just to know which card it gives! How does anyone know that it's even meant to be there, if no one has gotten it there?
  20. Though it's not a code, there's a new free emblem at the Special Orders: Sign of the Founders - Speculation*: Played Destiny during the first week after launch. *I don't think anyone actually knows if this is how it's actually unlocked, a few people have stated they've received an email from Bungie saying to check the Special Orders for the emblem, but it doesn't state how or why they received the emblem, I don't have an email, but I have the emblem.
  21. We don't yet know if everything extra will be paid contents, there's at least 3 areas on Earth that are already in the game, yet blocked off. I can see a lot of people being upset if that much content is on the disc, yet will cost money to unlock. Unless Bungie are pulling a Capcom... Urgh, I hope they arn't...
  22. Since all the others seem to be only gained before Destiny was released, I would think it'd be the same (though I'm not even 100% sure what the 6 bungie games are?). They can be put in the vault, but then they take up space that could be used for all the Shaders and Emblems that you've acquired but can't repurchase.
  23. Because of his obsessions, likely nothing good. I would think that each step of the Exotic Bounty would tell more of his tale since you're following his trail, but I've not done that one, so I don't know if it does. Edit: Doing that Exotic Bounty quest line right now!
  24. I'm enjoying exploring the worlds, doing patrol missions, collecting everything and grinding for weapons/armour and other such stuff. Oh, and I'll jump into PvP every now and again. And between all that I'm reading anything new that's cropping up in my Grimoire cards (also grinding for the buffs on them). TL;DR: Grinding, lot's of grinding.
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