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  1. I found if you exit the game, then sign back in and finish the level, the acv will pop, even if you skip to the end of the level (on a multiple stage one). Also: I maxed out the stud bar, but it didn't pop. Not sure what to do about that one. As an aside, if your game freezes at the end of a level (mine did it on the Mantis level), take off all of the red bricks. It should work after that. Edit: I tried the hard reset and log out / in and after competing a level the stud bar popped!
  2. Looking for a coop partner: Big Johnny D Taken care of!
  3. Need the acv... Big Johnny D Any help is appreciated!
  4. I also need the online achievements: Big Johnny D
  5. Need to get Colourist. I have all of the otehr acvs. in the game. Add me if you can help / need help. GT Big Johnny D
  6. I came here originally to get some tips for Lego Indiana Jones, but the site was so comprehensive, friendly and helpful that I keep coming back here. I can't think of anything that needs changing (well, maybe winning some of the contests!!!) Gamer Tag: Big Johnny D
  7. Kingdom for Kelflings tells you when you've unlocked new pics...They are lame, but it's nice to know you go them!
  8. I'm also having trouble. All I need to do is get all of the exp in, say, Lone Wolves and it will unlock?
  9. any hospital has them, and some of the schools
  10. Re. December 20th Big Johnny D Mountian Standard Canada.
  11. I need the Chain combo, and expression achievment. My Tag is Big Johnny D
  12. They seem to be using the movies that they have building sets for, so we migth see Harry Potter or Spiderman.
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