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  1. I'll be on all day today (3.5.13) if anyone wants to boost. just add me GT: r3gn4r
  2. Just got this game today and need the co open cheevos. If you're interested add me r3gn4r
  3. Feel free to add me as well. I will have the game on monday night GT r3gn4r
  4. I'll be on the game all weekend. Any friends are welcome! : ) GT: r3gn4r
  5. An easy spot for this is the level with the sub. When pgsy is hanging from the bottom and you have to blow up the fans. Just wait till the enemies shoot at the sub then distract them. hide until you see them fire on then sub again, the distract. easy as pie
  6. I'll be on this game all weekend. I'd love to get together and boost the TiR cheevos. Let me know "r3gn4r"
  7. im usually on from 1245am to 6am eastern time. if anyone wants to boost let me know. gamertag: r3gn4r
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