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  1. The GFWL Client works on Windows 10. So you can still play the GFWL Games. But your saves do not get saved online. So if you just do the upgrade process your saves should stay in place and still work. If you however to a clean install after. You will need to manually backup and restore your save files.
  2. The GFWL Marketplace has not worked for a long long time. It would always fail to update purchases. Every few months I would log into the Marketplace to see if had been fixed. Nope... failed to update purchases. Then today I tried it and it started updating my purchases. I was finally able to download my DLC for Fable III and DLC for other games. Feeling kind of happy Microsoft finally cared enough to fix it. Someone felt the need to message me on XBOX about this. Yes I already know you can only download stuff you had purchased. However if you reinstalled Windows or was using a different computer and installed the GFWL Client. The Marketplace would always fail to update your purchases. So you could never download the stuff you had purchased. The Marketplace was broken for a very long time. Today when I checked. It was all working again. It finally updated my purchases and let me download content I had purchased.
  3. Just got the codes for the other 2 games. Thanks for playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Here are your tokens for Gears of War 3 and Gears of War: Judgment (ESRB Rating: M with blood and gore, intense violence, strong language)
  4. I just got this message as well. Hopefully the other two codes come soon. Will only be redeeming the Gears 2 code as I already got the other 3 games from Games With Gold. Not sure what I will be doing with them now. Thanks for playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Here are your tokens for Gears of War and Gears of War 2 (ESRB Rating: Mature with blood and gore, intense violence, strong language)
  5. I'm having the same issue as well. I was able to download the new DLC for this game without issue. For some reason two compatibility packs are showing up. I don't think they have removed the old compatibility pack yet. I would wait a day for them to sort out the issue. Until then I would just download both packs and that should stop the message about needing the pack. Then just delete the older pack later when the issue is resolved. Seems like a lot of games are having issues with the new DLC released for them today. I can't get the new Assassin's Creed 4 DLC because its not showing up in game so I can get it for free with my season pass. I have to wait for them to fix the issue. Update I downloaded both packs. It didn't stop the message from popping up. Still keeps asking me to download it. I'm just going to wait until tomorrow. Should be fixed by then.
  6. I was able to unlock the achievement. So it wasn't glitched for me. Not sure how you would go about fixing it. Might have to wait for a game update. This episode is very very buggy. I have to skip the cut scenes or it will crash on me.
  7. I just downloaded a new Title Update. As soon as I loaded my game it was at 9/9. So everything had a check now. But its stuck at 99% complete still. So now that is glitched as its not counting this.
  8. Some people are saying you need to update to Win 8.1 before you can update the game.
  9. You may need to manually check for updates if its not updating the game for you. Bring up the store, then bring up the charms bar, click settings then app updates. Then click check for updates.
  10. They just released an update today. Achievements have been added. Hopefully it fixes some of the other problems people were having.
  11. I've been manually checking for updates on the windows store. This game has no update available. I posted about this on XBOX forums. I got a reply. TeamAdera Thanks for alerting us to this issue. We are reproducing the achievements not firing as an issue on our side as well. A fix is in process. Thanks for your patience. Team DFHT
  12. I bought the season pass and it came to $6.77 after taxes. I'm a little disappointed it didn't come with any new achievements.
  13. Episode 4 - North Of Never Land is out!!! Just thought I would let everyone know. I have completed it. However there doesn't seem to be any achievements for this episode.
  14. Restarting my PC didn't make the update appear in the store. To get the update to appear. Load the Store. Then click to bring up the charms bar. Click Settings, Then App Updates. Click the Check for updates button. The game update should appear after that. Look at the top right corner when in the store to see what updates are available. Once the game update is installed. Simply load the game and purchase episode 2 from within the game.
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