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  1. Yep, extremely annoying when you want to approach a target a different way but the devs want you to use the one bridge to the area. The fact you can't pull yourself up from a 1ft ledge because it has grass on it is a bit
  2. I don't tend to snipe but I'm up for farming either Vaal or Kirin.
  3. Here's hoping... This game can be unbelievable when it comes to crown drop rates. You can go a week or two with nothing, then in the space of 90 minutes get two crowns you're after. Case in point, yesterday - got 2/4 of the crowns that I needed. Mini Kirin and Big Vaal left! Why are Kirin Investigations so rare, I have none?
  4. I'm definitely down, I have four crowns left: Big Black Diablos Mini Kirin Mini Nerg Big Vaal Hazak HR250ish, 400-500 hours played I think. I need this game done! GT: Chojin22000
  5. Not sure if anyone else can confirm, but I got my Teostra big gold crown from the special assignment for Lunastra. ....if this is always a guaranteed gold crown that's awesome Edit: Just googled it and it looks like it's always a big gold!
  6. Was he ever included? I thought he DJ was excluded from the get go.
  7. Me too, could appreciate the help. Only 9 crowns left! (Spread across all elders and both Diablos)
  8. I got a silver Teostra Large crown on my first run, it gave me hope but after four more runs nothing. If anyone does get some large crowns from this, especially Teostra please speak up!
  9. I've done the event about 5 times but got nothing....I'm not sure it does have a greater chance and I need 3 out of the 4 crowns.
  10. Sounds good, I might have to do this once the events have ended. Down to 11 crowns now, three of which are from Diablos and B. Diablos so hopefully I can knock those out when the event hits. I've literally more than doubled my crown count during this event, it's crazy how high the drop percentages for crowns are on the multi monster quests.
  11. Let me know if anyone else is farming, I need some consistently competent team-mates. Sometimes I'll get a full team that knows what they're doing and others I'll get a team of HR13s that die (I'm HR180). Have about 15 crowns left! Only one crown needed per multi 4-5 monster quest. Would you say it's easier to farm the multi monster quests for just one crown, or better to farm investigations? I appreciate it's all RNG, but I'd like to hear your opinions.
  12. It's been horrible being 7/8 crowns on this weeks event for the past 4 days. I just can't get the large Bazel crown to spawn! But I've finally wised up to the fact that these events are the way to go, even if it is still RNG.
  13. Looking for 2v2 gnasher help, ramm on insane and seriously boosting. GT: Chojin22000
  14. No, none of it helps towards any of the original achievements. Except for the zodiac tournament which can help with some easier gold awards. The two add on packs only interaction with the main game is that they unlock some further outfits which may have stat boosts but I can't confirm this as I played the DLC after the main game. I'd imagine it's tat though and doesn't have anything useful. As for whether the DLC is worth playing...it's grindy phoned in rubbish. Simply there to get more money out the completionists.
  15. Took me 37 Hours. It was my second playthrough so I knew what to prioritise like the Triad score and the gold awards for nightmare.
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