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  1. The achievements look fine to me. This will easily be 360 game of the year for me. I don't see it besting MGS4 as far as I'm concerned, but hey, I'm a MGS fanboy.
  2. I would like to buy the tier 2 charm that's symbol is an arrow facing upwards. Please send me a message on Live. Gamertag= nailgunmassacre
  3. Im hoping this works as well. I have 6 done on my beserker and a quite a few on my champion. If it works Ill tell ya.
  4. So you could feasibly just stand way back and have a friend do all the work and trade achievements?
  5. yeah i saw that right after i posted this. i guess id kept the page open for a bit before i posted anything as that wasnt thread wasnt there when i went to make this.
  6. I need a Purple tier 2 charm with the up arrow symbol. Im willing to trade a tier 3 charm or 100,000 credits for it.
  7. Thanks for the help bro. I figured it out a little bit ago... I wasn't understanding how they worked but now i got it all figured out.
  8. Do I need to put runes in the charms to finish the quests? I havent been putting them in and Im pretty sure Ive done around 20....
  9. For some reason it makes my face look really really really really fat. Not just a little fat... like fucking fat bastard from that mike myers movie. Im not fat at all so it makes no fucking sense whatsoever. Also it really fucks my beard up, so I just use a stock face.
  10. Do you get xp and aces points from player matches?
  11. GRAW 2 was awesome, R6V2 is awesome. 2 games that were both great and they just took the good and made is better. You might be pissed that its the same engine, but you cant say its an expansion. I cant remember the last expansion that had an entire new single player campaign, a bunch of new multiplayer maps and just a general overhaul of the whole game. Get over it and have fun.
  12. I remember playing Rainbow Six: Raven Shield back in the day on my old pc. It was pretty fun, but not like this. The whole tactics thing is fun to a point, but mixing tactics and twitch is a lot more fun to me. But thats just my opinion... and you know what they say about those things.
  13. P90 mother fucker MK23 Flash gasmask
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