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  1. Gamertag: K1ng K00p4 That's a one, two zeros, and a four. Happy birthday! I still treasure the COD4 shirt I won here what must be 4 years ago.
  2. Gamertag: K1ng K00p4 That's a one, two zeros, and a four, with a space. Great contest!
  3. I actually saw one of these for the first time last night. I wasn't sure what had happened.
  4. Any clue on what they're doing with people who registered on the forums? I was going to go to PAX East but couldn't. That seems to be where they started this.
  5. Were you guys more successful than we were on Wednesday night? Sorry I couldn't make it, if you still need to work on it I should be pretty free this weekend.
  6. Is four going to be enough. And I might be a few minutes late. But I'll be on.
  7. ELLiOTBURNSREDx and I, K1ng K00p4 are playing right now, if anyone else wants to hop on to get demo man/any other achievements.
  8. If anyone is getting people together for the million credits, I'm looking to help as well as earn the achievement myself.
  9. I was getting this too, heavy system usage on the main page. It's most likely due to Flash, as I've had memory leaks before with it. That flashbox looked so sexy too, it was a shame when I had to block it. I know you guys have this in the first post as a known issue, I'm curious, is this why it just says "test test" in the flashbox now?
  10. GT: K1ng K00p4 That's a one, two zeros and a four.
  11. Just a continuity thing about the achievements check list. (Which, by the way, I thank you for providing a link to again.) Now, in my profile I can click on the "My Achievements" Tab and my achievements show up, the new progress bars look sexy, matches the site very well and everything. But my completed games are still showing up despite my setting to have them auto hide. Now is this a feature? Because I just looked at Pants' profile and I can toggle this for his achievements too? Though I suppose it wasn't supposed to be a feature because this is where the check list was moved too. I dunno, I'm just not sure what's suppose to work. Anyway, then when I click on my check list (the new link up top there) it brings me to just the check list as it was before, same old check mark and x to delete/add games and the auto hide works here. That might be a little confusing but my point is that these two pages, even though they're the same content, don't show up the same. I figure it's just because it was a quick fix for the check list link at the top that it was thrown together. Just wanted to bring it to light. Thanks and again, nice work. -K00p4
  12. I'm not sure where the best place to report minor issues with the new look is, but for now I'll post any I find here. First thing I noticed was that saved site settings such as "Auto hide completed games from "My Checklists" page" don't work, all my completed games are showing up. I did just find that the auto hide completed and hidden achievements does work though. Looks great so far, my only big complaint would be the sexy looking flashbox you've got going on the main page. But that's only because my computer setup is weirdish. I was really surprised and pleased with the overhaul. Though I'll still be reading most of my news through the RSS feed. Good work guys.
  13. GT: K1ng K00p4 That's a one, two zeros, and a four.
  14. Hey Namaste, I've been talking to you on xbox, you can add me in. I'm not sure we need 4 people to get these though.
  15. GT: K1ng K00p4 That's a one, two zeros and a four, with a space.
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