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  1. So yeah, I'm in the same boat now. Achievements had been working fine for me for the past few days (minus one "Done, Unlocking" which popped a few hours later). Now anytime I access the app I can see my games, but if I try to look at a XB1 game, I get a 0x87c47500 error code. Found where they were checking it out in the support forums. http://forums.xbox.com/xbox_forums/xbox_support/xbox_one_support/f/4274/t/1893245.aspx I sent a message, although I'm sure it will do me personally no good, it will fix itself in time like it has for other people, I think it would be good for anyone else who has issues like this to send the support member in that thread a message with info. Maybe, just maybe (insert optimism) they may be able to figure some of this out if they get enough info to look into it.
  2. Went and replayed this level, mine slowed down too, but only when the reservoir was almost full and the others stood there waiting for the last couple guys to fill it up. So unless you have a weird glitch that I've not heard of, you might just need to be a bit faster at the level. When I redid it I missed 3 stars by just a little, but I also screwed up my buildings, and had to demolish & rebuild some, so I could have got 3 stars no problem....
  3. Or with Blink level one, just go up the route from the Rune by the water, teleport behind the guard hut on the right, blink to the top of it and then up the wall (there are two small spots you can land on then go up to the top). No fighting, no being seen.
  4. Howdy Mini.


    Just letting you know your G&RM for Royal Envoy 2: Special Edition just went live on x360a.


    ~Live Long and Prosper~

  5. Yeah, I got it on the first one. I also did it again on the second fight just to rub their noses in it. However I did have to do the first fight over a few times. Until I got further in the game I didn't even know there was a second level where a snowball fight occurred. I have heard from friends that using the tablet (I have a desktop w/mouse), it can be a very frustrating achievement. Possibly one of the few times where having a mouse could make it easier, if nothing else for the accuracy.
  6. There are, but 63 is the easiest. The problem you have is running out of time on other levels. The Wood and Food can probably be achieved on the last level in several areas, as usually you are going for a longer goal, and thus have more time. However the money becomes difficult as you don't have the mansions until much later in the game, and those are your big money winners. You probably have to get into the upper levels to really have a shot at this one, due to time constraints.
  7. Thanks! Wasn't a terribly hard game, and I thought it was fun too! I figured pointing out the particular levels for a few of the misc. achievements was probably the big deal of the guide, along with what level to grind. I did go and submit the colored tiles. Hopefully I did that correctly!
  8. Kingdom's Cornucopia - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For accumulating 20,000 food during any level. See "Skilled Financier" Engineering Guru - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Over 500,000 game points earned. As close to a "story" related achievement as you can get. You get varying amounts of points per level (based on number of stars), and the later areas offer more points per star. In the final area (Trembling Earth) 3 gold stars are worth 100,000 points. I don't believe it is possible to complete the entire game and not have this achievement. However if you have managed to do this, simply work towards getting three stars on each level and it will unlock before too long. Bachelor of Architecture - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Over 6,000,000 game points earned. See "Master of Urban Development" Master of Urban Development - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png Over 10,000,000 game points earned. By the end of Adventure mode, I had about 4 million points. You can either play Expert mode (assuming you have 3 starred all levels), try some Challenge levels, or simply grind out the points. For the grind, load up level 58. This is a fairly straightforward level where you simply have to free the workers and build the lava levee. The video guide I found actually took a LOT longer than the way I did it, so I will lay out the steps and try to upload pictures later if they are needed. Here is how to do it! 1. Locate the path to the glutton (bottom of the screen), you will need to clear two trees to get to him. The first tree is directly to the left of the broken bridge (bottom right). Have one worker get these two trees. 2. At the same time, have your other worker open the treasure chest that is in the smoke of the volcano. This chest contains enough materials/gold to finish the level! So collect it all! 3. Have one worker feed the glutton, and the other worker pay the pirate. 4. As soon as both paths are opened, begin repairs on the lava levee. Then click to have the broken bridge repaired. 5. Wait the 25-30 seconds for the level to finish, gain 100,000 points, then click restart until the achievements pop! Clean Sweep! - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For accumulating exactly 100 gold, 100 wood, 100 food, and 100 happiness during any level. The first level where this can be accomplished is level 15 (first area of Isle of Mystery). As it implies, you have to have 100 of each type of material and happiness at once. The achievement pops right away in the level. Although this could happen during your normal playthrough, likely it will not. The strategy to get this is as follows, load up level 15 then follow these steps: 1. Start out by destroying all 4 banks. Do NOT collect any materials that drop from these. 2. Collect 250 food from the trees (10 collections @ 25 food a piece). Do this while the banks are being destroyed. 3. Build 4 Cabins, and add gardens to 2 of them. 4. Collect one time from a cabin without the garden. This will give you 100 gold. Cabins with a garden will give you 150! 5. This should leave you with 100 of everything and the achievement will pop right away! Unsurpassable Accuracy - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For whitewashing your opponents in the snowball fight (win each round). There are two levels where this can be accomplished: Level 8 and Level 52. As a part of the level requirements you will build a snow fort then participate in the snowball fight. You can skip the snowball fight, but why would you achievement hunter? The fight is a best of three scenario, so for this achievement you will have to win the first two rounds. The game explains how to play, but simply click/tap on the opposing team when they pop out of the snow fort to hit them before they hit you. There is no real strategy to this, simply click them as fast as you can. I can say that clicking/tapping everywhere in hopes of snagging them as they pop up does not work, as the achievement implies, you have to be accurate and fast. If you don't get this on either level, simply load back up and play again. 500 Buildings - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For constructing 500 buildings. To my knowledge this has to be 500 items from the "building" category, and does not include houses. There also is no achievement tracker in the game, so how many buildings you have built by the end of Adventure mode will vary depending on your play style and how many levels were replayed. For me to grind out the last amount of buildings needed I loaded up level 62. This level has less setup required than level 63, so that is why I chose it. I simply built a bank and a market, and the rest of the plots I built mansions as upgraded as I could. Once I had a decent amount of money, and no longer needed the food from the market I started building then demolishing it. I then started destroying the bank, and rebuilding it as a sawmill or market, and eventually destroyed a mansion and kept three spots cycling between being built and being destroyed. The achievement pops as soon as you build your 500th building. If time runs out, simply restart this level & process over until you get it! Skilled Financier - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For accumulating 300,000 gold on a level. For these three achievements you need to have the required amount in your inventory. You can't get a portion, use it, then accumulate the balance, e.g. you can't get 10,000 food, use it then get 10,000 more. You need 20,000 at one time. Many levels would be good for these achievements, however if you do not have them by the end of the game, simply load up level 63. The goal would be to build 5 mansions as upgraded as you can make them with the materials you have and a bank. Keep collecting money until you get to 300,000 gold. Then tear down the bank and one mansion, and build a Sawmill and a Market. Buy the required food and wood and the achievements will all pop as soon as you hit the required number. You can easily get all three of these before time runs out in this level. No Enhancements Happiness - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For achieving a happiness rating above 800, on any level, without urban enhancements. I could not find a regular level where this could be accomplished. However this can be done fairly easily in the Bonus Challenge mode. I recommend doing this after completing Adventure mode so these instructions will make better sense. I will not give step by step as it will take too long, but the basic goal you are looking for is to have 800 happiness without having any enhancement. The way this can be accomplished is by adding gardens to houses, and the Dovecote building. Load up Bonus levels, then pick level 6. Do not worry about the statue that is the goal, it does not add to your happiness total until you "free" it from the pirate, which also ends the level. The goal you are looking to accomplish is to have 4 houses with gardens (there are only 4 spots in this level where you can have them), then have 3 of the 4 remaining locations to be Dovecotes with all the doves. Thus you will have 200 happiness from the houses (4 gardens x 50 happiness), plus you will have another 600 happiness from the dovecotes with all the doves purchased (3 dovecotes x 5 doves x 4 houses x 10 happiness). Thus netting you the 800 happiness required. The achievement pops right away in game. Global Materialization - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For accumulating 20,000 wood during any level. See "Skilled Financier"
  9. Constructive criticism is appreciated as this is my first attempt at a roadmap/guide. Road Map: - Estimated Achievement difficulty: 3/10 (1/10 if using video guides) - Approximate Time: 7-10 hours - Offline: 20 - Online: None! - Missable Achievements: None - Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+ - Glitched achievements: None Step One: Adventure Mode Simple, start up adventure mode, and aim for getting 3 stars on every level. Most levels are fairly straightforward, and the "solution" to getting 3 stars is obvious from the start. Others may require a second time playing to tweak your strategy, or to try a new one. Alternatively you can simply check out some video guides (this was a PC game) on Youtube. Any guide will work, even the "expert" version, but here is a link to a playlist as a suggested starting point http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD396102F899D7C4. Note: These are NOT my videos, credit should be given to the author of each video. Step Two: Mop up Misc. Achievements You may find yourself having achieved some of the miscellaneous achievements on the way to 3 starring all levels. Otherwise, now is the time to mop up Kingdom's Cornucopia, Clean Sweep!, Unsurpassable Accuracy, Skilled Financier, and Global Materialization. You will also be loading up a challenge level for No Enhancements Happiness, as there was no level I found in the regular mode where this could be achieved. See individual guides for information on these achievements. Step Three: Grind At this point all you should have left are the point related achievements and 500 Buildings (See guide). Engineering Guru has to be unlocked by the end of the story if you have three starred all levels, however you probably only have about 4 million points at the end of the story. There are two options, either play through on expert mode for a challenge, or grind out a quick/easy level to rack up the points as quick as you can get them. For the quick way, load up level 58 and simply finish it as fast as possible, eventually netting you Bachelor of Architecture, and Master of Urban Development (see guide for fastest method). Marshy Lowlands Gold - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Marshy Lowlands with three stars See "Trembling Earth Gold" Western Artic Gold - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Marshy Lowlands with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Foothills Gold - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Foothills with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Isle of Mystery Gold - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Isle of Mystery with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Mountain Valley Gold - 5http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of Mountain Valley with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Palm Coast Gold - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Palm Coast with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Wastelands Gold - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Wastelands with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Valley of the Nymphs Gold - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Valley of the Forest Nymphs with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Eastern Arctic Gold - 10http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Eastern Arctic with three stars. See "Trembling Earth Gold" Trembling Earth Gold - 15http://www.xbox360achievements.org/images/site/gp-g.png For completing all levels of the Trembling Earth with three stars. Relatively simple, complete each of the levels with three stars in each area and these achievements will unlock. A tip for each level (the game gives you this constantly) is to look at your goals and then survey the level before you make your first move. The timer for the stars does not start until you make a move, so you can make a plan based on your resources and goals. I personally found most areas fairly easy, with only the occasional challenge/puzzle that I simply couldn't figure out right away. Either try a different tactic, or if you get frustrated, simply follow a lovely video guide. This playlist is just a suggestion, as any video guide should give you an idea on how to succeed at a particular level http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAD396102F899D7C4. I only required a video guide on level 38, so I can't say how accurate each guide will be, but the random ones I checked all matched up.
  10. Look I'm sorry you feel this way. I was only trying to do a good thing and help others on the site be able to finish the game, just like your guide helped me finish it. I really appreciated your guide, but my big complaint was it was hard to keep track of where I was at with only having choice options listed. So I decided to improve it and give people several ways to have an idea of where they were at with the game. I don't know why you took your guide down, but again it was appreciated, so thank you for helping me to finish the game, now I'm just trying to return the favor to others.
  11. Yeah, thanks all. Thought I was doing a good thing....taking a guide that got you 100% and adding a lot of missing information since the other was taken down. It was a struggle previously to keep track of exactly where you were at, plus I think I've cracked the code on the slowdown. Well over 50% on the dummy tag and only using RT has not slowed down once!! Well I'll add a little more tonight and hopefully finish up the rest tomorrow night. I want to go try to finish the MP on Bioshock 2 Russia
  12. Well there is no doubt it is based on your guide. However I have taken the time to add a lot of details that you did not. I will gladly add to this credit for the basis of the guide to you, however as you can clearly see it is not simply a copy and paste of your work. If you feel I am incorrect in this, please feel free to contact a moderator, as I do not see how me taking the time to post this to help out the community is doing anything wrong.
  13. Working on adding in the Japanese Text to give people some sort of idea as to what they are looking at, and I will add in the picture for the settings later. I may not get all the Japanese text in there as I'm only copying in the choices from another site....and yes, I'm currently replaying the game to confirm what I'm putting in here! Also "..." is simply a placeholder for an option to which I cannot find the exact text, they may remain there, or if I find them (or someone else does), I'll add them in... Edit: Got most of the Japanese text in there. Playthrough 1 is confirmed. Will add in the spots for most of the missing achievements as I get back to work on this later.....need sleep.
  14. Load 6 (1) 美鈴先輩のおにぎりをもらう (2) 嫌悪感を押し殺し、突き進む (2) 賢久に剣を向けることなどできない (1) 隙を見て雷切に手を伸ばす (1) 声で美鈴先輩を制止する (1) 雪子に毛布をかける (2) 赤い夜を経験した後 (2) 俺たちはお互いに赤い夜以前の面識がない (2) 存在していない (1) 草壁美鈴 (1) 新綾女方面へ走る (2) 攻撃を回避しながら、考え続ける (2) 劫の眼の力を信じる Achievement Unlocked: 血の絆 Load 5 (4) 雪子のことを見る (2) ゆかを守りながら、戦闘を見守る (2) アケディアの落下位置に走る (2) 雷切に向かって走る (2) 状況を把握しようと努める (2) 答えない (2) 嫌悪感を押し殺し、突き進む (2) 賢久に剣を向けることなどできない (1) 隙を見て雷切に手を伸ばす (1) 声で美鈴先輩を制止する (1) 雪子に毛布をかける Create Save 7 (2) 赤い夜を経験した後 (2) 俺たちはお互いに赤い夜以前の面識がない (2) 存在していない (2) 橘菊理 (1) 新綾女方面へ走る (2) 攻撃を回避しながら、考え続ける (2) 劫の眼の力を信じる Achievement Unlocked 世界中を敵に回しても Load 5 (3) 橘先輩のことを見る (2) ゆかを守りながら、戦闘を見守る (2) アケディアの落下位置に走る (2) 雷切に向かって走る (2) 状況を把握しようと努める (2) 答えない (2) 嫌悪感を押し殺し、突き進む (2) 賢久に剣を向けることなどできない (1) 隙を見て雷切に手を伸ばす (1) 声で美鈴先輩を制止する (1) 雪子に毛布をかける (2) 赤い夜を経験した後 (2) 俺たちはお互いに赤い夜以前の面識がない (2) 存在していない (2) 橘菊理 Create Save 8 (1) 殺す Skip to next Scene Back to Title Screen Load 8 (2) 殺さない (1) 新綾女方面へ走る (2) 攻撃を回避しながら、考え続ける (2) 劫の眼の力を信じる At this point a new story (橘菊) is unlocked, go to new game and choose it (second option). Skip through the end and when you are back at the main menu, make sure to save. Achievement Unlocked 取り戻した言葉 Achievement Unlocked 友と、明日のために (This one will unlock AFTER saving) Extra -> Scene Recollection -> Red Story You will need to watch every scene in this section that is bright red. Once you have watched it, it will be a dull/dark red so you will know what you have watched and haven't watched yet. A note with this is that watching some visions, you will unlock others. Go through this list carefully to make sure you have them all! Achievement Unlocked 11eyes 75% The exact time of this will vary depending on which scenes you view, but should pop before you continue on to the next step... Once you have done this you will need to reload a previous save as there are a few scenes that can only be viewed while in game (oddly enough). According to the Japanese guide they have to be viewed at a certain point. Load 7 Press X and go to the in game Scene viewer (second to last Option) Go the 6th Character (guy with gray hair) On 10/21 watch the first vision and second vision On 10/25 watch the first vision and second vision On 10/28 watch the first vision, second, fourth and fifth visions Return to title screen. Make sure to save! If all the previous was done correctly, after the save, you should get.... Achievement Unlocked 11の“eye. Start a New story and choose the Green Story 虚之境界篇(3rd option, background will be green) Start skipping! Achievement Unlocked ドッペルゲンガーの噂 Achievement Unlocked 魔術師たちの共同 In the middle of this story is a single choice with 5 options. Create Save 9 here. (1) 栞と行動を共にする skip to the end Achievement Unlocked ガラテイアの最期 Achievement Unlocked トゥーレへの誘い Achievement Unlocked 砕け散った鏡 Achievement Unlocked 神々の戯れ Load 9 (2) 澪と行動を共にする skip to the end Achievement Unlocked 現代魔術師の夢見る未来 Load 9 (3) 汐音と行動を共にする skip to the end Achievement Unlocked 夕陽に染まる世界 Load 9 (4) 香央里と行動を共にする skip to the end Achievement Unlocked 恋に落ちた明日 Achievement Unlocked 美しき新しい世界 Load 9 (5) かなえと行動を共にする skip to the end Achievement Unlocked Visual Complete Achievement Unlocked 11eyes Complete
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