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  1. just wanted to say thanks, for the guide.. was spot on.
  2. I also seen a picture for the next DLC will only have 9 tracks. " Empire of the sky " very shocking as mentioned compared to trials evolution, was hoping games would be lasting longer than that.
  3. I went with the Disc just cause there was a decent deal on shopto for £30 dont have to worry about season pass with it being included.
  4. finally 100% so glad i did it, seemed like forever getting frostbite and inferno gold medals so happy its over with now till DLC releases lol. some great tips with those obstacles though i was stuck on the same platforms for ages then one day i just managed to jump across, if you dont get it in one day take a break and try again. also being stuck on those barrels, have a habit of pressing B too much to restart checkpoints always going over the limits but i tried my hardest not to and keep my balance cant remember the amount of times ive had to restart the whole track getting to those barrels in like 5 retries and end up going over 44 for the gold medal so annoying. anyone know when the next DLC is out? if there is 6 DLC`s in 12months im thinking it maybe 2 months apart. so like June maybe??
  5. Cool ill take a look later on, im thinking of bringing my 360 in and trying to recreate some evolution tracks and just put my own spin on them or like i could mix and match 2 tracks together. just gotta sit down and take some time into the editor see what happens.
  6. yep what above poster said, youtube seems to have them all done. been helping me so far.
  7. Thought I would have a go on trials evolution last night for a laugh seeing as I haven't played for months, found the extreme tracks to be really easy. as for the difficulty out of 10 for inferno IV im still getting stuck on those barrels so I would say between 5-7 everything is about timing and you get that from practise. 94% done on fusion just need 3 or 4 more golds still got 60 odd challenges left.
  8. had a go straight after i woke up this morning, thought this is it, took me 69 tries but i used the pit-viper think i managed to bounce straight off the back wheel onto the other platform. tips helped me though so thanks for that.
  9. thanks for the reply, ill give the Bmx a go later on see if im any better with that.
  10. yep ive been trying for the 20k stunt achievo today finally got it... trying to finish that frostbite extreme track 2nd checkpoint im stuck on. the huge gap to angled ledges tried bouncing end up falling inbetween them also tried landing on it and trying to bunnyhop off but cant get the front wheel high enough up the other ramp so i just fall off again. any tips??
  11. cheers Maka for the squirrel guide helped me get that achievement, 89% complete on the game played all the trials series so consider myself experienced just those extreme tracks are annoying me abit.
  12. was just about to post that i found the fifth key but that youtube video above shows exactly where it is. all you have to do is select and move the key then the achievement should unlock.
  13. hey everyone just tried inferno took me 498 retries glad the achievement popped lol that was really difficult only played that track afew times aswell. been looking around for that fifth key havent found nothing at all, been around outside of map and main area`s will keep looking though, if i find it will post here. its a good the game so far though wish there were more tracks cant wait for the 1st DLC to come out.l
  14. hey everyone, i know this is a kids game and i didnt really think id get it from lovefilm with the amount of games i had put up but anyway. game plays quite well, dance moves seem easy to do. there is about 40 songs in total including the very annoying " gummy bear " song. think this game will be a struggle to keep playing to get the full 1K but i may keep this game a week to see how far i get definately would get boring to play all the while but an hour or so isnt too bad.
  15. got this game today through rental, didnt know controller could be used, but think id prefer just having the kinect, i jumped straight into normal mode might go back on easy see how it plays out, sometimes its awkward to find where all the people are shooting from but that will come through in time. anyway cheers for the WIP always like checking these things to see how long or hard the game will be.
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