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  1. Loving that pic! Is it a donkey?

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. I tried what anthony suggested and it worked much better than any other way I tried it. Took about a half hour or so once I set the game up. I robbed one home run and I didn't get the achievement, but I had barely gone over the wall. The next time, I clearly went up above the wall and the achievement popped when the next batter was up.
  4. I didn't even notice it got taken away. :(

  5. You look weird without the GT award, man.

  6. Yeah, Supremacy only has 10. Tackle Alley and Vengeance both have 20.
  7. The current Quick and Easy thread is stickied in this forum. Those games won't go on the list, though, because they are only 50 gamerscore each. They're more likely to go on THIS list (Quick and Tough 200s).
  8. Or you can just do 4 45-minute races... I can't do it this Saturday, but I'm definitely interested in boosting this achievement. The next Saturday I should be available all day.
  9. 2. Pashos x360a [EST (GMT -5), during the summer (now) I'm on or can be on pretty much whenever needed]
  10. I'm definitely up for that. We just need 8 people to start a race and all but one quit, correct? I don't have any credits yet.
  11. According to the link that Method provided, it's x30.
  12. You wanna share a room at PAX Prime?

  13. I think it's based on league popularity. I got the first 2 endorsements after the same game, around game 10 or so, and then I got the shoes around 25-30. I answered with arrogance most of the time, but occasionally professionalism if the arrogance answer seems like it will be bad. The game I got it, I had simmed to the end and answered with professionalism and didn't get any endorsement. I had a bad game that game so I quit out and replayed from where I had saved in the game before. I answered with arrogance at the end and I got the endorsement.
  14. I'm pretty sure you don't have to start to qualify, you just have to play. And I got all of the awards by starting up the game and simming until the end once I got about 30-35 games into the season. Did you get injured at all during the season? If you did and you had to sit out for some or a bunch of games, then that would possibly void you from the awards. If it was only a couple, then by the time the season is over, you should qualify.
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