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  1. So for this achievement, I have used Cassandra as my only alive underboss. Ive assigned all the territories to her, but not sure what to do next. I haven"t collected any kickback at all from her throughout this play through, and I believe it hasn't gone up at all. Do i go collect it from her, even though it isn't at $10,000? Will it go up once i collected it? Is it a one time payment for $10,000, or does it stack? Ive played through twice, not sure I could do it again if I did something wrong.
  2. Des anyone know how to upgrade your shops to level 3? Can't find this anywhere
  3. I agree with updating the guide. I am trying to get the legendary weapon fully upgraded achievement and I don't have any expansion dlc. I think I need something called Ethargic light? I don't even know what this is or how to get it
  4. Impossible to find a match. Can't even find 1 other person. Must be a way to boost this
  5. I have finished all side missions, picking up all other intel, etc. I am missing 8 phone recordings. 2 in JTF, 5 in week one, and 1 in week 2. I found videos on YouTube describing where to find the individual recordings that I am missing, but when I go the phone, it isn't giving me the option to pick it up. It's just a phone laying on the ground. It doesn't come up blue on the map, it's almost like I have already picked it up. But watching the vids, they show it as THAT particular one that I'm missing. Anything I'm doing wrong, or haven't done yet? Thanks
  6. Can I matchmaker for the Nightfall, or do I need my own fire Team?
  7. Sorry if this has been posted, but I couldn't find it. I came back to this game after a bit of a break to get a few more achievements. I tried to upgrade my Legendary Pistol to the max, but it is saying I need an Etheric Light. Whatever that is. I don't want to buy any expansion or anything, nor should I have to, since it's an original achievement. What do I have to do to get an Etheric light? Thanks in advance
  8. Ready to start multiplayer. Looking for good clan or soneone to boost with. Gt lappy2222
  9. Looking to do raid or join up with a clan. Level 28 hunter. Gt lappy2222
  10. Looking to do raid. Haven't done it yet, but I'm a good listener and willing to do what im told. Haha. Also trying to boost other mp if that's even possible. I'm a level 28, almost 29 hunter. Gt lappy2222
  11. I'm fairly new to the NHL series, but I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong, or if the game is glitched. I go to Stats Central in GM mode, and want to check on my player stats, but it won't let me select the box for it. It only goes to team stats and awards. Anyone else having this problem, or am I not doing something
  12. Need all mp Cheevos. Gt lappy2222
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