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  1. Looking for a couple of people to do the Weekly Heroic Strike. GT: R0Y4LEwitCHEESE Level 25 Warlock
  2. Looking for the three online achievements. GT: R0Y4LEwitCHEESE, got a session on TA if anybody is interested, it's totally flexible.
  3. I've just got 6-3X through to 6-5X and the whole of Cotton Alley Dark to go, so were at similar points I guess. I usually only get a couple of levels done at a time and then leave it for a few hours so I don't get totally annoyed at the game.
  4. Yeah you still have to do the whole of Cotton Alley, light and dark for 100%. Hardest levels you have left are probably, 5-19x bandage, Skyscraper warp zone, and The End dark version and a few of the Cotton Alley dark levels. X0X0 in Cotton Alley is supposed to be super hard too, but I've not tried it yet.
  5. Yes, it works as an incredible incentive to get better at the game. Or you could just become like the majority of the retards online and learn to live with it by repeatedly slamming into every solid object with a Bugatti Veyron.
  6. Germany have stricter censorship laws regarding violence and gore in video games. An occasionally get funny about certain WWII things....
  7. Try and buy the code through the Marketplace direcetly, if not, try buying it when prompted through the game. One way should work at least.
  8. Its largely down to luck (again) on how many coins are dotted arround. I had one attempt where I was sat on 25000 before the final floor (then one guy spotted me twice and ruined it wtf) Then on the time I got it, I had about 20000 on the way to the 4th floor and just scrapped it.
  9. It's a case of making do until you get bend time. Once you get bend time, the next few waves are usually not too hard. On waves 6 and 7 you can get a bend time off in the beginning and usually kill 3 out 4 before it wears off. On Wave 8, all the enemies are on the same faction so you can afford to sit on a roof and take them out with grenades and the crossbow. Wave 9 has the torturer, which can be taken out quickly if you can get a double jump drop assassination on him, however try and leave him until you have killed the rest during bend time. Waves 10 and 11 have Tallboys so try and get in position on one of the rooftops that are next to their spawn points on the off chance that you get a free drop assassination opportunity on them. Use bend time and it should give you enough time to get to the other roof if it spawns on the other side and hope for the best. On wave 12, get on the harder of the two roofs to get to (opposite side from where you initially spawn) as you will have to kill two Tallboys and so one is guaranteed to start there. Keep bend time up as much as possible on the final wave and hope for the best. Practice helps a lot. Additional tip: If an important rune like Bend Time spawns on one of the high rooftops, leave a guy alive in a wave to go fetch it rather than trying to get it in the interval.
  10. I was thinking about this and I think the Gymkhana Boosting method from DiRT 3 should be viable. In fact it would probably be even easier due to getting XP in private matches. If anybody doesn't know how that worked, you would basically do private Team Trick Rush with two teams of 4, and have nobody score anything, that way, both teams tie for 1st place and everybody gets max XP.
  11. I managed a fluke occurrence to get this. I hit a series of anti tank mines that three members of the opposing team were stood on, along with a tank they had just captured from our team and were trying to repair. Anyway the three guys, the tank, and about 4 AT mines all went up at once and filled the screen with text and numbers. Heres some practical advice: go into an empty rented server with a friend and have him stand on the spot until you kill him. Twice.
  12. I bought the VIP pack on Sunday evening from the dashboard Marketplace, loaded the game and got a message from T10 advertising the VIP pack. I went back into the game after dashboarding, and received a new message welcoming me to VIP, and got the car a few seconds later. Wether this still works two days later, I don't know.
  13. Based on my experience with Forza 3, you got all the gift cars back dated, which it never said anything about but was a nice surprise. I assumed this would be the same deal. Also, I had no way of knowing the class of all the cars in the pack until it was available, I could only go on the similar cars already available (all the RUFs are S, the Gallardos are all S etc). If anything, my problem isn't with the pack itself, more Turn 10s class system and the events available.
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