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  1. It's 2018 now and as far as I can tell the servers for Resident Evil 5 are still up.
  2. Actually, whiskeys (with an e) are used with American made whiskeys. Irish whiskeys are the only foreign ones that do. I used to know why, can't remember now though. Being that Jack Daniels is an American whiskey it is spelled with an e as can be seen right on the label in the picture. Also, a whiskey glass is a specially designed glass that whiskey is supposed to taste better when drunk from. Almost certainly bullshit. I think they're for people with already poor alcohol palates as I can taste mine fine regardless of what receptacle I'm drinking out of.
  3. Is there something I'm missing about this room? The droids attack you relentlessly barely even letting you get an attack off. When you are able to attack them it barely does any damage even with all the force powers upgraded from the standard campaign. This room is good for nothing, in my opinion. EDIT: Yeah, this method is completely worthless. I don't think the kills even count. Spent 36 minutes using Lightning Shield and didn't even get the 100 kills with it. You can get 500 Force kills in 20-25 minutes in the Prologue.
  4. 20 minutes in. Saved at the first stone thing (someone who has actually played the game might know what they're called) after meeting the warrior princess chick with the bow. Die in the next battle. Game can't load the save I just made. Tried loading it up every possible way; console freezes every time. Forced to restart before even finishing the first level. I can tell this game is a real pleasure to play. Except I won't even waste my time restarting.
  5. And now, months later, Perfect Rescue has glitched on me. I can't believe it. This game is such a piece of shit.
  6. Mister Buds


    Just started playing this game and I am confused about how you're supposed to obtain some of these fireflies. In one of the first levels, Sofi's Pinwheel, there is a firefly right above the first platform you start on. This level also introduces the slingshot piece. As far as I can tell there is no way to place the slingshot to shoot you up to that firefly. And the game only gives you slingshots until you pass the first jump so you can't get any other pieces to get you up there. Also, Sofi only runs in one direction and pieces the game introduces in later stages don't translate back to earlier levels. This is just an example but if it's like this at the start of the game I don't see much hope in completing this.
  7. This has to be the worst collectable guide Tyger's ever made. The descriptions completely suck. I've missed grubs 12-14 and film canister 3 in Containment Facility now and don't think it's possible to get back there. Fuck.
  8. After hours of practice, I finally managed to complete the Run chapter of Gravity Guy "in one go." No deaths, no pauses, no exiting the game, one slow-mo. And the achievement didn't unlock. I waited at my score screen for a minute or two and nothing popped up, so I clicked the button to advance to the menu and still nothing. I restarted the game, re-installed, but the game just won't give it to me. Upset doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now. I don't even know if I should try again as it might not unlock next time either.
  9. Approximately 15 minutes into my playthrough of "The Consequence" DLC, my audio completely disappeared. I tried reloading my save. Proceeding to the next checkpoint, then reloading. Going to the Dashboard and starting the game again. And finally, Restarting the DLC. Nothing will bring back the audio. I loaded a save from my main game and noticed my audio was gone from there was well. That doesn't matter much as I finished the original 1k, but I just wanted to see. So I continued playing "The Consequence" and at the end of Chapter 3 I am fucked. Because I have no audio, Juli is stuck in a moving in slow-motion as she thinks she's talking (or someone's talking to her; can't tell). I can''t shine my flashlight to continue. This is broken and needs to be fixed.
  10. This shit has just happened to me. Has anyone found a way to get them back? I'm PISSED right now.
  11. I have been through all the levels in Beast Hunt TWICE now, but the achievement won't unlock. I have done them all with a second console/profile. There is no dispute of IF I won the levels, I certainly have. The second profile has been in the game for the entire length of each level, I do not join the game with either profile until they're both completely loaded. At the end of every level the voice tells me; "You've won!" The first cycle through I did not move the second profile at all. Never got any points with it and it might have been dead at the end of a couple levels. Second time through I made it sure it got a few points on every level and was alive when it ended. The only setting I didn't have was the "extra multiplayer enemies" but everyone says this isn't necessary. There is no information anywhere on the web clearly stating what needs to be done in order to ensure this unlocks so can someone please tell me what might be wrong?
  12. The Shard Two time trial appears to be impossible for me. This is not The Shard One, which most people seem to have trouble with. My problem with The Shard Two is that my speed keeps randomly dropping to nothing. After every jump, every speed vault, and every turn, my speed completely drops. I can't make any sense of it. I've watched every video and nobody else seems to have this problem. I also haven't encountered it on any other time trial. It's driving me insane as this is supposedly one of the easiest time trials and I have wasted 6+ hours on it because of this.
  13. Have you tried recovering your account? I'm pretty sure Microsoft fixed this issue with their last update.
  14. I finally decided to go back and play some of the games I've bought on my Windows Phone. The problems started immediately. I had changed my XBL password since the last time I was on my WP. This led to a problem where the phone would not accept my new password or allow me to play any games or interact with the store. After spending 3 hours. Yes, 3 hours, I finally got the problem solved but I had to reset my phone. Before resetting my phone, I had 6.73GB of free space. After resetting my phone, which deletes everything and installs factory settings, I have 3.12GB left. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT? So I went through and uninstalled literally everything that I could, 3.80GB. Tried to reinstall a previously purchased game and it tells me I don't have enough space. Search the internet for a while and find an app that helps clear up space on your phone that you're not able to access. Try that out, gets me up to 4.29GB of free space. Phone still won't let me install any game, regardless of size. It just gives me the message that I've used up all my storage. It's pissing me off to no end that I have significantly less free space after RESETTING my phone and now it will not let me install any game! If anyone has any explanation, fix, or anything, please let me know.
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