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  1. Hey guys just wondering can this game be played in local co op?
  2. Does anybody understand the current match day challenge in highlights of the week? The description simply says "Connect Four." No idea what this means and simply winning the match doesn't work
  3. Does anybody understand the current match day challenge in highlights of the week? The description simply says "Connect Four." No idea what this means and simply winning the match doesn't work
  4. hey c: sorry to bother you but i was wondering if you knew if Otomedius Excellent was region locked? or are you playing it on a seperate japanese xbox (seeing as your location says youre in the uk n.n)

  5. thankyou a47a47 this translation makes things very easy. Do you know how many playthroughs needed for a character to reach the highest level?
  6. does anybody know anything about this game? i started this last night but i havent got a clue what im doing. i was advised that choices do not matter for a large majority of the achievements but after about 6 hrs of always choosing the 1st option i have little over 100gs. also i am pretty sure that the game keeps looping. anybody know anything?
  7. does anybody have any idea what this list means in english. i figure that theres an achievement for beating the game with each character on the two relevant difficulty settings. what are the remaining achievements?
  8. Ok im both confused and pissed off with this mode so i hope i am missing something. How the hell are you supposed to raise your boxer level? i understand the xp and win plenty but my boxer level has not moved from level 1. i have had roughly 50 fights now against a mixture of fighters rated higher and lower than myself. I usually am awarded 37 boxer points for a win and usually lose 40 plus points for a loss. However on some occasions i have been awarded a ridiculous 2 boxer points for a win. So seriously does anyone know something i dont about raising boxer levels? Granted ive only won 20 out of my 50 fights mainly due to people being ridiculously over powered but u would think 20 wins would raise me at least 1 level (considering there is an achievement for reaching level 60!!!)
  9. Hey man a decent guide overall but i now have the 1k in this game and can offer some tips to save people time. I was silly and started a new game after finishing medium so ended up deleting my progress! Firstly i dont understand why your recomending to play on medium? even on hard this game is extremely easy - players will only realistically die from falling/missing jumps. The fastest way to 1k this game is to complete the game on hard (paying attention to your guide for the level achievements) and finding as many collectibles as you can. Then just simply use the chapter select to grab any missed collectibles (i confirm this works and u can quit levels once collectible found). The fastest way to farm stars for the 100, 150 and 200 stars is to keep replaying the first 3/4 of the first level (play until the room where u are first introduced to the jack in a box). This level will get u roughly 10 thousand stars each ten minute run so repeat as needed. I may have misread your guide but i dont remember u mentioning having to buy all the upgrades as part of the collectible related achievement. After finding my last collectible i was worried when the 125g achievements didnt pop, then i realised that u actually have to purchase every upgrade.
  10. This game takes the piss. Im also having the freezing issues. its alsways the same part of the same song (beautiful day - u2). So i cannot physically continue my career because the game forces u to sing this song at a certain point. As somebody mentioned above - why the fuck am i paying full price for games from shops that are broken!!!???
  11. To clear things up the yellow missions are the main story missions. The black/grey icons and side missions which are much easier when you have all your powerful weapons. Also when you buy the relevant maps from weapon dealers there will be more white icons added to your map which represent freeplay missions.
  12. wow i need a guide to understand that guide! won't even be attempting this game yet
  13. yes this game is being released in the uk mid august. I have already played both jap and american versions, does anybody know if the pal release will have a 3rd set of achievements?
  14. Thanx for the guide it made things very simple. I do think the completion time stated in your road map is a little out though. I played through in 1 run and it was closer to 10hrs than 7. I'm pretty sure i didn't fall asleep at any point too lol
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