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  1. On series X, game pass version of the game, lots of achievements wouldn’t unlock. Each time, I saved my game manually (can’t be too careful), quit to main menu and then quit the game using the Xbox snap menu, then loaded the game back in and several popped one after the other. Just in case anyone needs an easy solution. Also worth noting that the “walk in the park” achievement doesn’t unlock in campaign at all, but other pages suggesting it works fine in survival mode at the time of writing
  2. For anyone interested, unlocking the infinite launcher, pouches and the defence/offense/recover coins are an absolute must for an S rank on Inferno. And I've completed it using those items and they don't affect achievements.
  3. I’ve got 1000G for this with my playtime being 27 hours. Could go back and get some more magnum and grenade launcher kills to unlock models and concept art
  4. £27.85 at GAME, which is a great price imo. As for people talking about hit detection etc. Don't forget that it was a BETA with issues to fix, hopefully they fix the gnasher hit detection as I have had the same problems as you guys. But lets try and be positive and slate it if they haven't fixed it for the retail
  5. I agree, got it on the original game, looking forward to getting it again.
  6. That would be sweet! I would prefer something physical for a bonus if I'm honest. The character skins will most likely become something you can earn or buy at a later date anyway (just speculation on my part) If they did something like they did before with the replica lancers (GOW2) or the diorama pack they did (GOW3) then I'd likely part with more cash, in game character skins... meh, and I'm a Gears fan through and through.
  7. Probably late to this party but for anyone else playing catch up on games (like I am) then yes they do carry over. Once you've smashed the statue and picked it up it doesn't respawn on your NG+, so if you see one then you didn't get it first time around and you need to get it.
  8. I've had some problems with my games not working but thankfully nothing has stopped my achievements unlocking. I've had GTA online not working, controller disconnecting, party chat not connecting and then when it did connect everyone was talking at 25% speed and sounding like robots. Turns out there is a hardware problem with my machine. As for this achievement, I thought I'd be clever and work on some other achievements on my way through, namely the one for chapter 2 and not killing any of the turned townsfolk and killing Laura (the one that doesn't like fire), I ended up completing in 5:03:45 so I had to load up from chapter 12 and just run, managed to take 5 whole minutes off it and do it in 4:58:something A word of advice for anyone still playing this, for this achievement; just run and focus on this achievement only. Use chapter select for the rest
  9. If you play this after Alien: Isolation then I think you'll be disappointed. Not that this isn't a really good game, but that A:I is a far superior game imo. I would like to say however that after playing A:I and then The Evil Within on the 360, both were good enough for me to purchase on the XB1 but I'm playing them the other way around to get more enjoyment out of each.
  10. Worked for me, still took a lot of rockets to finish her off on NG+, speed run through (5 hours), easiest difficulty..
  11. I have said for quite some time (to my friends) that the Pendulum Wars would be a good way to go with this. Although then I'd kind of miss the Locusts. Maybe they could include some easter eggs to give a nod to E-day...
  12. Not seen any XP events on at the minute, it's pretty easy to rank up thought tbh just on Beast or Horde, I've been playing mostly those for the last 4 days or so and gone up 32 ranks...
  13. No, it's not dead. I've came back to this game this week and can get a Horde,Beast or Multi game without too much waiting
  14. The best thing they could do with GOW would be to go back to basics. GOW was the reason I bought an Xbox, I played it nearly every night, but by the time they got to GOW-J they'd gotten worse and GOW-J was not good enough. I would love to see GOW re-done for the XB1....
  15. Just had to watch the Alien movie after finishing the game with 1000G. I love the attention to detail they gave the game, the drinking ducks on the desk was right out of the movie, the med bay in the game seemed to be the same as the med bay on the Nostromo in the movie, the self destruct sequence was identical, the warning sounds from the ships were exactly the same.... The game impressed me even more just from watching the movie again
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