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  1. Or is it just anything having to do with community? Txs
  2. Sorry to ask this, but do u have to beat the entire campaign in co-op legendary for this to pop? Or can u play some levels alone, and then get on ghosts in co-op and beat it? Thanks
  3. Stuck at 78% and I haven't played for months. Downloaded the update yesterday and still progress bar stuck at 78%. Should I play for 14 straight days and see what happens? Or factory reset my xbox One like I had to do with that stupid zoo tycoon game?
  4. When loading up, it tells me to download the update, then the Xbox store loads and it says I already own this game. There is no option to download an update.
  5. Or can I be easier on a regular CPU?
  6. We did this method, but I have 10 losses even though I was winning. He had wins...what was that about a glitch? Even when he hosted the leaderboard showed I was losing.
  7. There are two ways to buy a power, like in the shield upgrade u have duration or durability. If you spend money on duration, and then choose to spend money on the durability, wil duration get reset to 0? In bombs you can choose kill enemies or to destroy bullets. And berzerker you can choose attack speed or duration. Its just a lot of money to raise the levels of these and i think i reset progress before when choosing the other. Thanks!
  8. This is the last research I need for the Scholar. I'm going crazy cause I just got the Mercy Shot if u can believe that and thought it would be smooth sailing after that. (I was so happy when I got the mercy shot mission that I almost hit my head on the ceiling when I jumped for joy) Anyway, is there a survivor requirement to upgrade / build a storage area? Is there a house that u need to move to? Thanks
  9. I bought a golden minute for .99 and just bought a cash blast for $1.99. The game says 'done' but it never gave me anything. I also invited 5 friends on Facebook and for a 30% bonus and nothing happened
  10. Just got some achievements on a plane. Will it upload when I get on Wifi? I know the W8 had some issues which luckily didn't affect me. Thanks a lot
  11. I prepared a feast, heather larue didn't appear for my escort. I'm reading mixed messages... That u can try again on the next level of breakdown, or u can't unlock them anymore and have to delete your save.
  12. If your not allowed to upgrade your character before getting to the end of the game, how are you supposed to do well? I did the holiday Genki MOM games during my 1st playthru. (If they don't fix Saintified I see no reason to attempt this a second time)
  13. I need to make room on my tablet, I've completed the first 2 episodes. Can I uninstall the first two episodes only to make room and install the rest? Thanks
  14. I've been trying to get the achievement for only the attackers scoring goals. I've put it in the 4-2-3-1 rotation and this has only one guy at attacking. I'll score with him and then let the clock run out. Nothing. Should I uninstall and install again? It's such a huge file, almost 900 megs.
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