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  1. Done same with me, and on "Pacifist" ive only got "Hero" to do, even tho achievement hasnt popped on xbox its say 100% but locked on smart glass so i know ive done them.
  2. Never mind, back up my save, tried glitch still said locked bought everything and everyone and got achievement
  3. Please someone tell me i dont have to go through this shit again, i thought there was a patch to make the genral free. :mad: i cant stand this multiplayer its so fucking stupid and lame. I got level 60 and 300k salvage, does the glitch work by pressing Y and A while over some one i havent bought.
  4. Im fucking pissed of with this game, level 49 thought right lets get me last 2 achievements played for 1hour boosting saved and when i cane back to play again before reset to zero. This game should never had a multiplayer as its fucking shite
  5. Piss take. Ive heard mixed things, some say you get them others say you have to buy in game.
  6. I bought the steel book edition says i get day one car park, vip and some other cars and token but all i got was vip, do you get the cars or do you still have to buy them. Ive not even got the pizzahut car.
  7. I loved the lego series but this is by far the fucking worst 1 yet, id rather shit in my hands and clap. The whole movement is shite, you still cant tell where your gonna land after jumping on levels and the driving fuck me sideways is a pile of dog shit. Ive been stuck in an endless loop on a few levels where i can not move or change to the other character and just keep dying. I bought this on 360 and xbox1 i wont be going through it again, and doubt i will by buy another lego game for me or the kids.
  8. Im up for helping, already helped a couple add me NoRmAnJi
  9. I should never of bought the fucking game, i never liked gta4, and this is a piss take grinding fucking achievements, i find online shite.
  10. This has pissed me off something now, ive been through all the briges about 20 times now even bridges that arent even listed as ones to go under, and still got fuck all. Think ill give up on this shit and rockstar altogether now.
  11. Having same problem, been through all 50 with pics and the video to make sure and still have 2 not done.
  12. Sorry not be going off list, ive been flooded with messages and trying to help, also done a lot from TA Just another reminder please please have all the free dlc installed, it goes a lot quicker. Code name derp dont know if you have noticed the time it takes to save after giving a weapon when your host, but its cut by half when you join the other players game. I know its not huge amount of time saving but you can almost just keep pressing A button.
  13. I dont mind helping out, not done much today been a little to busy. I dont want weapons back. I find it goes quicker if i join the game of who ever wants the weapons not sure why that is but its deffo quicker either that or my connection is really bad when im host. Another please make sure you have downloaded what ever dlc is free or we cant join games. I will be helping out tomorrow after 12pm
  14. No probs code happy to help, just been helping my kids but it keeps crashing.
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