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  1. That was a very nice read. Amazing job getting this all together! Brought back some nice memories reading through this
  2. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  3. Does anyone of you even know a single Finnish brand? I know you know that IKEA is Swedish and LEGO is Danish but if you're a 'Murican then we all are just "Europe" to you.
  4. Don't count the others out yet. It's just me who has said I'm not participating
  5. Using our name? Well have to say that came out of nowhere. Looking back at the history of The Finnish Line and the current roster it looks like they will keep on losing year after year. Yes this is trash talk. Good luck everyone! I haven't been active in achievement hunting in a long time so I'll have to pass on this one too. Also I have like 2 or 3 hours time to play in a week and I'm not one to compete for the last spot.
  6. Makes sense and it actually sounds good. Everything doesn't need to be about us. GSL is GSL. You form a team of people and score as much as you can in a given time frame. You change the rules, it's not the same competition anymore. Personally I can't participate because the first I heard about this was from Kovy last night. I haven't put a thought into gamerscore since the end of the last competition. Probably don't have any interest in joining later to the other GSL either. But that's just me.
  7. You just want to break up the Finns any means necessary? I doubt any of us will be joining for this run but good luck to everyone who takes part and have fun!
  8. :francis: Form a team and join us for XBA's GSL Twist 2018! :francis:
  9. Sorry, no. Only for private messages.

  10. Is there a way to get email notifications on visitor messages? I noticed your message just now about the March gamerscore contest and had no idea that kind of thingy was going on :o

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