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  1. Can anyone help me find one of the original walkthrough video series for "brass balls" that was so helpful and descriptive? It's probably been close to ten years (and may not even exist anymore), but the guy who did it was really good and I'd like to use it again for the remastered playthrough. I can't remember his name or really much else except that he started a walkthrough for 2 and never seemed to finish it. I've searched on YouTube, but there are so many different ones now that it's like the proverbial needle/haystack. Thanks in advance! **MORE INFO - He focused solely on a melee build in regards to strategy** **FOUND - MacTiddy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZSDj4wMB6bvaAnwNmFX-Jg **
  2. So I went ahead an bought the first DLC because I was already on Level 39 but not really close to finishing the main story. However, last night I rolled past what should have been Level 41 and it stayed at 40??? Do I have to "start" the DLC for this to kick in? Peace, SBM
  3. One of my all-time favorites...for any platform. I don't enjoy MP that much, and to have a game that was this well-written, designed, and produced felt like a blessing in today's gaming world. I also loved the replayability factor...especially Nightmare mode!! The DLC was also pretty solid...with some very challenging cheevs!
  4. I'm looking forward to putting ACIII to bed. Really hope they get it right with Black Flag or I'm probably done with AC.
  5. Agreed. While my system never "slowed down," in both parts of the DLC so far the number of guards you have to fight to find treasure chests, complete objectives, etc. is just ridiculous. Mostly because of the redundancy involved...there are only like three types of enemies that you have to vary your combat attacks against. It just gets repetitive. I thought this part was better than the last, but UBI will have to prove much more to me before I ever buy another Season Pass from them.
  6. There is also an area near this one where you can get the convoys and a different save the citizen from blue coats as well (they are in a field near the wolves instead of a cage). I just kept flying back from the convoys to the blue coats. While fighting the blue coats you will get the notification about the wolves. Ignore the blue coat fight for a second and run towards the wolves. I didn't even have to kill them...they just ran away.
  7. It look me a lot longer than 45 hours to get the full 1000...but I wasn't really going as fast as I could, either. I think I was closer to 60. Hunting all the animals, finding the feathers, winning the parlor games, etc. took forever. I went ahead and finished the 100% (except for the last mission) before finishing the game...that' just how I usually like to do those type of cheevs.
  8. This is a good point...even on sale they might not cheaper than the pass. I myself am waiting until the last two are released to play it again. The first was so short...almost not worth learning the controls all over again for just a couple of hours I hope they give lock picking a burial after this game...it's terrible! And when your horse follows you around constantly...drives me nuts!
  9. Thanks for posting. Disappointing in the lack of originality, but I just want to plow through the rest of it at this point since I was duped into buying the Season Pass...lol. It sounds like even Ubi is ready for ACIII to die since Part IV was announced so soon.
  10. I've been watching some speed run videos so I can get my Professional difficulty out of the way for SA, and they all seem to use a trick to "glide walk" which is basically running without raising alerts. Most of these videos are pretty old, so I assume they are on the PC. Is this possible on the 360?
  11. Are you sure you're talking about the new DLC? The only "fort" I can think of would be Valley Forge and there are several open entrances to it. I opened the last chest today and never ran into a "closed door" situation. Sorry.
  12. Thanks...makes sense, but it would be nice to have that as part of the "tutorial." I also noticed that if you try to go "high profile" or "run" it turns off as well. Also, I guess it makes sense that once you're already engaged you should use Cloak to primarily escape, but it's not very intuitive since you can attack in other situations using it. Pretty cool new feature IMO, but like everything else with AC3 it could use "tweaking."
  13. It seems that it just suddenly turns off for me for no reason. I seem to only be able to use the Hidden Blade when cloaked to kill someone and STAY cloaked. If I use the Tomahawk, it goes away. Also, if already engaged with enemies and I trigger it, I'm unable to actually "attack" anyone...basically I can only run away. Is this how it's supposed to function?
  14. Thanks to Syrinx vVv, Lou Syffa, and OMC R3AP3R for helping me out with this. If anyone else is looking for the mod, let me know and I will do my best to hook you up.
  15. Looking for a Level 50 Legendary Commando Class Mod. I have three Bee Shields at different levels, a Caustic Conference Call, the Teramorphous Shield, and several Infinity Pistols to offer. GT:SweetBlackMagic Peace.
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