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  1. lol i created this thread long time ago and people are still posting, this is awesome keep posting guys just got back to playin this game again after almost a year not touching it, and still, taki is the best for me
  2. eew wtf is wrong with that sherlock guy he acts like a whiny bitch lol anyway, i'll be looking forward to play this game, but the achievements look totally insaneee, im too lazy to obtain all of 'em
  3. I downloaded the dlc today, played it with a friend of mine, I unlocked all 8 of em because I never touched multiplayer before, and my friend only got 7, the one he's missing is the "Man of the People" achievement, which unlocked for me, but he didnt get it, so i asked him did he play MP before, he told me he did a couple of weeks ago and he got 1 MP achievement (I dont know what it is though, let me ask him later) , so i think jay's hypothesis is correct
  4. still wearing the race outfit, but he's freaking pale http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/left4dead/images/4/4b/Jimmy.jpg
  5. oomft, i know what would be awesome a tank's arm
  6. i think its a sugar cane field lol but mann that part on realism, especially on expert, was effin intense, tried it with 2 friends, and all i can say is if u all got separated and get attacked by special infected like charger, hunter or jockey it'll be really2 hard to spot you / your friends, especially if the storms are still going and all that
  7. if u guys are trying the jesus rail glitch i think the best weapon (imo that is...) is gonna have to be the burst rifle (SCAR is it?) because its very2 accurate when shooting SI (if happens to be any...) (and especially smokers) from great distance another alternative for me is AK or the auto sniper but im not really good at sniping but if the glitch is done correctly theres only a FEW infected that spawns (for me that is) , and i never saw any other special infected except for smoker (spawn only once)
  8. ahh i guess i posted in the wrong thread a couple of days ago lol, might as well post it again here, hope it helps guys
  9. but i've been wondering until now, what is coach's real name anyway? lol
  10. hey guys here i uploaded some pics regarding the jesus rail room and the jesus rail (sorry for the blurry pics tho) i know its not much, but i hope it helps for some of you The Jesus room http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc78/enternight/jesusroom1.jpg i guess its pretty obvious by now, and theres also a vid already posted so im sure this is pretty easy to find and heres the Jesus rail View from the entrance http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc78/enternight/jesusrail1.jpg and a view when ur standing on it http://i217.photobucket.com/albums/cc78/enternight/jesusview1.jpg i suggest you try crouching at the very2 back, and be careful that some infected can STILL attack you from the left and right side but not from the middle, so keep in mind about that and use all of those useful tips that everyone has contributed in this thread, and smoker is the real major threat imo, but i only encountered it once when trying this
  11. wetland ebony is my favorite, its too bad that we cant dye altair's armor
  12. LOL oh and btw yea assassination targets are fun, and sometimes the one that needs some "stealthier" approach is pretty challenging, but still fun
  13. just beat veteran today, it took me like almost 7 hours cant remember precisely this is actually my 1st "cod veteran completed" ever, no grenade spam and no constant respawning FTW
  14. guys is it possible if i played on hardened and switch to veterans just for the missions achievement, and then switch it again to hardened and then get the "price of war" achievement in the end? thx
  15. lol funny thing is one of the achievement in this game is called "Angel May Cry"
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