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  1. It's been a known issue since the complete edition came out or sooner. The best you can do is keep a ton of saves and reload if one does not pop.
  2. Join us for GSL 2020 Duos! Link

  3. I've found legendary pretty easy in co-op. I'm getting all orbs and 100% each area before moving on, so I might be stronger for what I'm doing compared to anyone rushing through. People on TA say lockdown legend isn't missable. Start another lockdown and it can unlock. Races are impossible in a co-op match. Lag makes the car jittery and will get stuck in everything. Do them in a solo match. A few of them took me a while to get gold in, but most are easy.
  4. There are many that seem to be in another area but count for the one you just left. I've spent an hour hunting 1 and it was under a rock across a river near another area. Don't be afraid to work on the next area a little bit. You might get what you need.
  5. Having fun with the game, for a time. Co-op gets stupidly laggy.
  6. It unlocked at 72 medals. So, something is iffy. Maybe all my reloads to prevent doing replay with basic stats messed with the tracker?
  7. I hit 70 gold and no achievement. I think the special edition bank mission does not count even though it has a medal.
  8. I'm almost at 200 hours in chapter 4. I've done everything I can though. I make sure there is nothing I can do unless I progress the game.
  9. Special edition of the game has a camp favor from Charles in Chapter 4 which ends up being a bank heist that counts as a story mission. It's called "High and Low Finance" and is 1/5 difficulty. Run to the bank, open the safe doors, run back to camp, and wait on the AI to catch up to you. So far I've missed 2 golds in Chapter 1 because I couldn't take the slow walk n talk sections any longer. Everything else half way through Chapter 4 is gold. Half of my playtime was crafting satchels, hunt requests, and being a zoologist.
  10. Sounds like a new playthrough later to blast through the story.
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