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  1. It's been a known issue since the complete edition came out or sooner. The best you can do is keep a ton of saves and reload if one does not pop.
  2. I've found legendary pretty easy in co-op. I'm getting all orbs and 100% each area before moving on, so I might be stronger for what I'm doing compared to anyone rushing through. People on TA say lockdown legend isn't missable. Start another lockdown and it can unlock. Races are impossible in a co-op match. Lag makes the car jittery and will get stuck in everything. Do them in a solo match. A few of them took me a while to get gold in, but most are easy.
  3. There are many that seem to be in another area but count for the one you just left. I've spent an hour hunting 1 and it was under a rock across a river near another area. Don't be afraid to work on the next area a little bit. You might get what you need.
  4. Having fun with the game, for a time. Co-op gets stupidly laggy.
  5. It unlocked at 72 medals. So, something is iffy. Maybe all my reloads to prevent doing replay with basic stats messed with the tracker?
  6. I hit 70 gold and no achievement. I think the special edition bank mission does not count even though it has a medal.
  7. I'm almost at 200 hours in chapter 4. I've done everything I can though. I make sure there is nothing I can do unless I progress the game.
  8. Special edition of the game has a camp favor from Charles in Chapter 4 which ends up being a bank heist that counts as a story mission. It's called "High and Low Finance" and is 1/5 difficulty. Run to the bank, open the safe doors, run back to camp, and wait on the AI to catch up to you. So far I've missed 2 golds in Chapter 1 because I couldn't take the slow walk n talk sections any longer. Everything else half way through Chapter 4 is gold. Half of my playtime was crafting satchels, hunt requests, and being a zoologist.
  9. Sounds like a new playthrough later to blast through the story.
  10. Jurassic World Evolution. Pretty chill and fun game. A few buggy achievements that would pop until after an update, but pretty easy over all. I think my save file was 43 hours.
  11. It took me 43 hours with maybe 2 of those starting a new game trying for some stuck achievements. An update fixed them so I got to use my complete save file.
  12. It's a pretty chill game. If money becomes tight, go back to an earlier island and load up on fossils and don't sell them until you go back to your new island. All research and genomes carry over, so do all of that on an old island too. I have 100+ million on my first island that stays at 5 stars and made 30 million of that just completing all the new dinosaurs I couldn't afford to research on an island I just started. 3/10. I completed it this morning after and update allowed my 3 bugged achievements to pop. I think other people had issues resolved after an update also. It seems the updates do not fix the achievements, but kind of clear the way for them to unlock again.
  13. The workbench made plague hearts pretty simple. Take 6 soda can bombs and a few fire crackers and it was over in a minute.
  14. I got 2 in early night and it didn't count even though it was really dark out. When the sun looked like it would come up soon I killed one and it unlocked.
  15. There is also a lot of talk of a past update messing with some crown sizes. It seems more about the elder dragons, but many people including myself have killed a normal sized elder and got a crown. It may be wise to kill everything.
  16. That's what I've been reading and is on the event page of the wiki.
  17. I got all my mini crowns! Now to grind the 4 giant elder dragons for another few hundred hours. Also, looks like the 20th has a new event with Diablos and Black Diablos with better crown drops if you need those.
  18. There is a challenge arena up for killing 30 vespoids while avoiding a pukie pukie (what I call it. I know the spelling.) and it's much less annoying than normal arena quest. There is also now the Barroth arena that gives tickets for the Street Fighter outfit. Some new stuff to make that grind less annoying is nice.
  19. I have a galaxy s7 and get redirects that say either I have a virus or my system is 28% damaged. There end up being about 3 websites in my chrome history after the page I was on. It happens maybe 4/5 times that I load the site. It can be the homepage, news, or on the forums. Thankfully I am usually near a PC, so I can still use the site. I would be nice to have it mobile though. Glad to see it's being worked on and hope it gets solved soon.
  20. With that kind of RNG, I can't see how people got all the crowns already. I'm sticking with it for now, but the grind outside events is starting to get old and Far Cry 5 looks really nice.
  21. For the lessons, my fingers had a hard time getting used to the game again. These tips helped me get through the lessons a lot easier. For the Defense training Reversal Attacks, Use Down to block then do the <- -> A move. It's much easier. For the Frame Data Black Advantage moves and First Zoning Lesson, turn Release Check and Alternate Control off in the controller options. That stupid Batarang was very tough for me to pull off with those on.
  22. If you are showing offline nobody will find you. Other than that, flares work for me.
  23. I changed it away from resolution for 1 hunt and it was so bad and grainy I had to change it back. +1 for resolution.
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