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  1. I renewed my subscription around the first of the month. Also, I would like to change my forum name to ManBearPig. Thanks
  2. I am unable to add TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan to my wishlist or collection. I can enable the achievements but not add the game. When you click on the link, the screen goes white https://www.xboxachievements.com/addmyGames.php?gameID=784&type=collection&st=ae667588d3203959d0973021702b780d https://www.xboxachievements.com/addmyGames.php?gameID=784&type=wishlist&st=ae667588d3203959d0973021702b780d
  3. Congratulations:respect:
  4. I'm on the fence. It had its moments but I am hoping this isn't the future of WWE, with the matches trying to be "movie like". I liked the boneyard match and the firefly funhouse match from Wrestlemania but at some point enough is enough.
  5. PigBearMan


    Welcome to the site. I'm a D&D fan myself.
  6. Both. I have a lot of games where I need 4 or 5 achievements to have 100%. As far as new games goes, hoping that I will like RE2. And maybe the next LEGO game is. And if I'm lucky we will get a Left 4 Dead 3 someday.
  7. Forum Name: Muta XBA Tenure Length: 11 years XBA Tenure Club: Tier 2
  8. So I joined the site 10 years ago, giver or take. I was a pretty active member, even a subscriber for a while. This site was a big part of my video gaming hobby for a good number of years A couple of years ago, things changed. Changed careers, became a father, etc etc. Now I'm back. My BP is up, my cholesterol is out of whack and my doctor tells me I need a hobby so I am back to doing what I know. I let my Xbox Live Gold acct expire and hope to be back online by this weekend. I have both a 360 and Xbox one, but the Xbox one is waiting to be hooked up. My friends list is empty and I will probably being changing my gamertag once I get back online but I need friends. I am hoping to finally break 100K gamerscore this year. Anyways, its good to be back. I hope to get back into the groove of regular gaming and hanging out here. ********************************************************************************* Two questions for anybody that can answer them: 1. I was a big fan of the 360voice website. I know its shutdown and a google search didn't lead me to any alternatives. Has anything like the old website and game badges been created? 2. I had the GFWL (Where's Waldo, Tinker, etc) on my old computer. Was unable to transfer them to my new laptop and have not been able to find them anywhere. Is there a way to download them again?
  9. Welcome back. I too am a returning member, remember you from when you were on here earlier.
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