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  1. Run the flight.exe file in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight" to bypass using Steam. Feonyx
  2. Need all the online cheevos (non DLC). Will be on today in the evening. Tomorrow all day. Wednesday through Sunday evenings West Coast time. Add me with Overlord in the title or message THX!
  3. It's 1 out of 10 not out of 5 All I am saying is when the "Wallace and Gromitt" series are given a 2/10 in difficulty and all you need to do is follow a short linear guide for the full 100% I think 2/10 for difficulty for a game that given it's random nature can be quite frustrating at times is more than fair. Anyhoo... back to searching for freaking sugar and trying to find that bloody saddle.
  4. First off; Difficulty of 1 and 5 hours of play? Seriously only Avatar:TLBA is a 1 because you just hit the same button over and over again. This game requires memorization of crafting items, building items from rare resources and a lot of randomness that can cause delays (creepers blowing up your hut, dying looking for sugar and losing all your gear, etc). Should at least be a 2 probably a 3. Which leads to the 5 hours. Depending on your map it might take you upwards of 5 hours just working on the Cake, Railway and Portal achievements. I think 20 hours is more reasonable unless you get very lucky or have a buddy with a World where these resources already available. Leader Of The Pack Is backwards by default is use and is hit. You want to use the bone on the wolf NOT hit it. "The Lie", "When Pigs Fly" and "On a Rail" guides should have World Seed information to speed up the process of getting those. Anyhoo my two cents Feonyx
  5. Same thing just happened to me! It's the first time this has happened in any game. I think TT is really dropping the ball on QA to let so many bugs through.
  6. I used lethal and non-lethal takedowns and still got it. Just don't use weapons and augs and you should get it.
  7. I agree something is up.. he had 8 rounds a while while shooting 2-3 targets... tries to call in UAV or chopper and gets all his ammo back free. Glitch for trying to call in Chopper with full airspace? But yes a total idiot.
  8. I'll admit I only read about 4 pages of this thread before I gave up. But can someone verify that messing up a hack (ie. getting detected by the server and/or getting locked out) voids this? I (like many others) made sure no one hit an alarm or cameras/turrets spotted me and still didnt get the cheevo.
  9. In Shanghai Justice line- Make a save before talking to Hong. Dudes man is Lee Hong. Malik and all the quest updates talk about "Lee" Also it is "Falsified, Drunk, Antique Clock, Pregnant, LIMB/Belltower" you missed Drunk...
  10. After watching the video over and over I was always 1 Nuke short. Then I counted them and the guy missing is the one high up above Ulysses's Temple entrance. If you are near the last pool of water and look up the canyon wall down the Canyon a bit it's on the left side.
  11. True, but the +2 helps on that one and it saves having to changes things around too much.
  12. PS. location names: "Durable Dunn's sacked caravan" -> http://fallout.wikia.co/wiki/Durable_Dunn%27s_sacked_caravan "New Vegas Medical Clinic" -> http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/New_Vegas_Medical_Clinic And the doctor there is "Blake" It's not "Rochelle" it's Raquel After the Steel Brother Hood ... Veronica can die so don't try to keep her alive. In "Lucky 38" the terminal is to the left of Mr House upstairs in the Penthouse on the Wall. Go through then hit the next terminal and then kill him in the next room "Legate" is "Legate Lanius" "Head to the gate and choose 'I'd like to introduce you to some friends' then choose 'I see, Yes Man, throw the Colonel from the Dam'" There are a bunch of speak options between those two options: "Head to the gate and choose 'I'd like to introduce you to some friends' then finally after a few options choose 'I see, Yes Man, throw the Colonel from the Dam'" would be more complete.
  13. I'd like to point out for noobs for: "Make sure tag skills are survival, speech and barter." You need to answer the questions asked by the Doc like this (//in front means I didn't choose this one): Dog //Train - Speech Dinner - Survival House //Shelter - Survival Investment - Barter Night Campfire - Survival Enemy/Bandit //Bribe - Barter Reasonable - Speech Light I choose "Dark" for Sneak Mother //Tantrum - Barter Tattle - Speech Conflict ain't in my nature Strongly Agree - Sneak, Speech, Barter, Science, Lockpick (+2 to each for strongly) I ain't given to relying on others for support //Agree - Survival, Medicine, Repair Disagree - Barter (4), Speech, Science I'm Always Fixing to be the centre of attention Agree - Explosives, Speech I'm slow to embrace new ideas Agree - Unarmed, Survival, Melee, Repair, Lockpick I charge in to deal with my problems head-on Any but I choose "Agree - Unarmed, Melee" 1st Inkblot An angry two-headed ant - Survival 2nd Inkblot //A priceless Work of art - Barter //A ship at sea - Survival I'm too embarrassed to say what it looks like - Speech (5) 3rd Inkblot A bearded man - Survival (5)
  14. When I first started playing this game I was really frustrated with the learning curve so here are a few tips for any other noobs that might have picked up the game. 1) You are going to die A LOT, but this game is all leveling up and going for the achievements it's not about completing the game (that comes later) 2) Stuff respawns when you leave and come back. Like that sword/gun? leave and come back and get another. 3) A Samurai Sword is on a ledge next to the orange juice in Columbian Roasters. 4) Pie + OJ in a blender = invincibility for a few seconds. All three are in Columbian Roasters. Stock up on OJ every time you go. 5) Go for the Zombie Genocide achievement first. Crazy talk you say? Set aside 2-3 hours. Then run out to garden area, run over to the flowers area, run into the tunnel, grab a car and drive down into the maintenance tunnel (I list it here because I had to search around to find it). Now watch a youtube video of the Zombie Genocide course (pretty much drive left run over the group of zombies, get in van drive to the other car in the SE corner, drive said car back out of the tunnel and repeat). This will get you a bunch of levels which will make the game easier and easier. 6) Oh and one last thing... jump everywhere you go. Zombies can't latch on to you when you are jumping so move throw spaces and jump. Those six tips should help most noobs get a good start at the game and give it a good shot. It becomes a lot of fun later on. Feonyx
  15. I would love to finally get this knocked out (been trying since level 1... am level 34 now) so add me to this list. GT: "Feonyx" I'm on Monday-Thursday 7PM EST until late Feonyx
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