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  1. downloading update now. happy to work with you on this. will shoot a message on live once my update is done.
  2. I'm embarrassed by how little of time I've had to play. being an adult sucks.
  3. Hmm... I'm also in the Seattle area not a Panthers lover though ( I do appreciate Mr. Newton though) I might be open to this idea. I could be good for 100 points or 100,000 really know way of telling. Thanks for kind of understanding my troll post.
  4. Interesting... Are you speaking of that number that is in the upper left of the xbox dashboard sometimes? This "League" you speak of sounds interesting. But, I'm new to this whole XBA thing and don't really have friends to form a team with. maybe next time.
  5. What is this Gamerscore people are speaking of?
  6. I just saw this off Pants twitter. I'll try to get in this week.
  7. So I managed to get the first achievement. though it took me about an hour of trial and error. I think I would really enjoy this game if I understood it a little better. but I'm making progress.
  8. I just got a copy too... it is pretty difficult to get into. I did manage to start building stuff and hire some workers. even built and elevator. It's been a pain so far though. I think I need to delete my save and start over due to bad elevator placement.
  9. Hmm... I have a connection over there... I may have to give this a try...
  10. I used to be nice like that. got burned 85% of the time. Good luck to you though.
  11. hmm... I kind of want to join but I haven't completed a game since 2006... Not sure I'd help the team at all
  12. Whatever the outcome of this poll I'm interested. I could use some motivation to score points. I will suck if it's completion based though.
  13. Toss up between "Ride to Hell: Retribution" and "Hotwheels Worlds Best Driver"
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