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  1. Can't wait. Black Ops is still my favorite Call of Duty due to the sheer fact that it was a fixed version of MW2 with more likable graphics. I know everyone argues that Black Ops has shitty graphics, but look at Infinity Ward's last 2 games...they look as if your character has pink eye...
  2. I personally think Black Ops looks pretty good. It has a cartoon style to it that makes me want to play it for some reason.
  3. I honestly cannot get interested in Survival. Zombies was fun because you could play with a party of 4 and enjoy it with your friends...however with Survival, my friends and I found ourselves arguing over who would play with whom. Making something like this 2 players is stupid.
  4. The M16 is kind of ridiculous. It's even outdone by every other gun with Rapid Fire. I still use it though. Brings back memories from CoD4 and MW2, when it was actually a good gun. It looks 10x better than the Type 95 which conceals 1/4 of your entire screen...
  5. I use a combination of quickscoping and hardscoping. I still tend to go positive and I play KC while also going for tags (I don't sit and camp them). So...hopefully none of my teammates hate me.
  6. Why would you even use Unlock Gear? M4 -> Scar -> PP90M1 -> Type 95 -> P90 -> ACR -> AK47 -> MP7 -> FAD. Duh.
  7. This callsign: http://i44.tinypic.com/293kdq0.pnghttp://i42.tinypic.com/3505h1f.png Because it looks like a broadhead arrow piercing a deer's heart...hell yeah. Did I mention I'm not a redneck?
  8. I still use Akimbo FMG9's because I honestly just like them. I think it's funny how even though they were nerfed and I'm only pulling like +3 K/D spread with them, people still complain. The community is just awful.
  9. What in the world are you talking about bro, the maps are super small compared to MW2...this game even plays quite a bit like CoD4, so I honestly don't know how you can be asking for something better that can fit the standards of most players, if not all.
  10. It's not the only way I get kills, however I do prefer making kids extremely angry in the lobby.
  11. I wreck FAD and ACR users with my AK-47. I'm joking, don't want to come across as a humble fag, however I have actually been using the AK-47 quite a lot (1700+ Master Kills) and I've gotten good with it even at long range.
  12. MW3. Most of the people that play MW2 nowadays are the quick-scoping tryhards or Danger Close noob-tubers. You won't experience this on MW3.
  13. A troll admitting he's a troll? http://i44.tinypic.com/2dr9ir5.jpg
  14. Anyone else here skip out on unlocking gear because you want it to be like the past CoDs?
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